Gear Shaper Cutters and Tools – How to Select?

Gear is a crucial mechanical part that transmits power and circular motion from one part to the other. It is widely used in speed control mechanisms. There are many gear-generating methods, and one of them is gear shaping. In the process, the gear tooth is sized and shaped with precision by using a gear-cutting tool.

Types of gear cutter shapers

You will find a wide range of gear shaper cutters in the marketplace. The following are the groups they are classified in:

  • Disc type
  • Hub type
  • Shank type
  • Deep counter bore

Choosing a gear cutter tool

One of the main questions in everyone’s mind is how to choose a gear cutter. You don’t have to worry about it now. Here are some things you must consider:

  • Look for the type of finish in a gear cutter tool. Roughing/Hogging and Finishing are two finish types.
  • Cutter size and construction area are two other considerations you cannot afford to miss.

The size considerations include the arbor or shank diameter, cutting edge length, radius dimension, cutting diameter, overall length of the tool, and angle.

Construction options, however, include the count of flutes, which can vary with milling material and cutter diameter, along with other factors.

  • The material used in making the cutter or shaper is also important as it helps understand the capacity of the tool.

Choose involute gear cutters when you want to make gears in small amounts or a replacement gear for a damaged one.

You can effectively use an involute gear cutter when you know the pressure angle, pitch, and number of teeth of the gear you are making. You must adjust the cutter specifically to the pressure angle and the pitch.

Benefits of gear shaping

The gear shaping process has quite several advantages, some of which are mentioned in the following points:

  • The product cycle time is shorter and suitable to mass produce medium and large-sized gears.
  • You can make various types of gear
  • You can maintain close tolerance during gear cutting
  • Repeatability and accuracy are perfectly maintained

Finding a gear shaper cutter manufacturer

Your hunt for a gear shaper cutter manufacturer does not need to be hard. You can easily find the best manufacturer if only you consider certain things, like the following:

  • Experience

For how long the manufacturer has been in the industry is crucial to know whether he will offer optimum solutions to your industry. The more experience, the better it is for your enterprise. The manufacturer has the expertise and skills required to serve different clients.

  • On-time delivery

Of course, you don’t want the gear-cutting tools to arrive after an extended delay. Choose a manufacturer that can deliver the tools on time so your work can go smoothly.

  • Customer satisfaction

Last but not least is customer satisfaction. If the manufacturers have a satisfied customer base, you can rely on them to provide the best services. You can also check online reviews or testimonials to get insights on customer service.

Based on the above information, you can find the best gear cutter shapers and tools for your company.