Cladding brick – a simple way to add style to your design

Are you looking for a way of spicing up your interiors? Or maybe you want to pay more attention to the facade of your building and make it more interesting? One of the best ways of achieving that is by changing up your walls with a fun yet stylish brick cladding system. What are its main advantages? Let’s find out!

Why should you choose brick cladding?

Why are cladding bricks such a popular product nowadays? For many reasons! They offer many benefits to homeowners, and one of the main ones is their durability and longevity – brick walls can last years, even when exposed to harmful factors such as rain, snow, wind, UV rays, and rapidly changing temperatures. They’re also fire resistant, which means you can use them in places like the fireplace or kitchen when you want to add even more safety to the design. A brick cladding system can improve the insulation, especially when you install it on the exterior of the building and cancel noise from the street. It also can boost your energy savings over time and lower your bills. External brick cladding is a good way to protect your interiors against water penetration too. Another benefit? Bricks don’t require much maintenance. All you need to do is to wash them from time to time with a simple detergent, and they will continue to look good for many years to come. Of course, all of these practical benefits are not everything – many homeowners choose cladding bricks simply for their aesthetics. This material can add plenty of style both to your exterior and interior walls. 

Learn about all the benefits of brick cladding

Where can you install brick cladding? That’s the best part – anywhere you want! This unique solution is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. You may place it in your interiors or even choose to clad your whole house. Nowadays, this versatile material is installed in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, offices and even bathrooms. With the right design and accessories, it has the power to turn any space into a highly chic interior. What about the colour range? Gone are the days when cladding bricks were available only in standard red shades. Now, you may enjoy a comprehensive offer that includes whites, beiges, greys, yellows, browns, and even darker tones. Of course, there are different sizes of brick cladding as well. You may go for standard dimensions or choose long brick slips that add plenty of character to the design. Texture is another feature that gives you a lot of options – you may go for smooth bricks or choose rough looking types. As a result, you can find models that will fit perfectly into any interior style – modern, industrial, rustic, bohemian, traditional, the list goes on and on. It is worth mentioning that brick cladding can be used not only in residential homes, but in larger projects as well, such as hotels, restaurants, bars and shops.