Construction Tips: The Unique Range Of Mini Excavator Attachments As Add-On Machinery

Mini excavators are all the rage these days and heavy machine manufacturers have come with some of the most technologically advanced attachments to cope with the various tasks that the compact little monsters are expected to do. In this installment of extended excavator attachments, we will examine four   specific items that were specifically designed for mini excavators that have become an important part of the construction spectrum. These attachments are the Minnich A1Q Deep Hole Drill, the Danuser EP Heavy-Duty Auger Series, the FX36 Defender Forestry Mulcher and Geith Tilting Quick Coupler.

The Minnich A1Q Deep Hole Drill for Mini Excavators

Minnich has joined the foray of mini excavator attachments with their latest drill, The A-1Q deep hole drill. This attachment may be fitted unto not just mini excavators, but are also applicable to skid steers and with The A1Q, mini excavators are able to deliver more efficient performance for when quarrying and blasting tasks are involved. There are two models, the first being the smaller A-1Q-72 which weighs an approximate 450KG and sports a 2.8 M mast height, whilst the 600KG approx. A-1Q-96 sports a mast height of 3.5M and a travel height of 2.2M. Both models are fitted with leveling rails and supported by a hydraulic cylinder that permits a rotation of 90 degrees and 360-degree after repositioning the cylinder.

The Danuser EP Heavy-Duty Auger Series

Danuser is known for the variety of heavy machine equipment that the company manufactures. From OEM machine parts to both industrial and agricultural extended equipment attachments. Their latest product is the Heavy-Duty auger series which by some accord is deemed to be the best of the best. Boasting lifetime warranty these augers are innovative to say the least with their planetary design that are backed by lesser internal parts and completely shielded. The Auger Series by Danuser allows excavator operators to not just dig deeper, but they also permit the task to be performed at locations that are confined. In essence, mini excavator hire machinery perform more powerfully due to this this auger series.

The FX36 Defender Forestry Mulcher

This particular piece of attachment is specifically designed for forestry work and is specific for most excavators that are categorized between 8 to 15 tons. The Mulcher is efficient and capable of clearing forest area in the tightest of spaces due to its four-sided knives, knife guides and large cutter drum. The defender delivers efficient cuts keeping both pressure and oil temperature at a minimal. This is critical towards longer operation hours without having to take ‘cool down’ breaks which are common with most other systems.

The Geith Tilting Quick-Coupler

This tilting quick coupler allows excavator operators to do more in lesser time from the comfort of the cab as this particular model is allows a 180 degrees side to side rotation which contributes to the productivity and versatility of the excavator rental being operated. The coupler comes with 4 independent locking that has been patented as the “curl-to-release” system and the entire mechanism meets the ISO/DIS 13031 safety standards.