Why Choose Android App Development for Your Startups?

Why Choose Android App Development for Your Startups?

In today’s tech-driven world, mobile applications are crucial for business. This application makes operations seamless, connects to potential customers, improves internal communication, and mainly increases business revenue. Since a majority of the population uses Android mobile, businesses must make a strong mobile application. These applications help with branding and enhancing business visibility for the right audience.

However, due to the availability of so many options, it becomes very tricky to hire a dedicated Android developer. According to data, more than 87% of mobile phone users prefer Android applications for business, and only 60% prefer iOS. Android mobile also has the largest share of operating systems (71%), which makes the Google Play store the biggest platform with over 2.9 million applications. So, let’s understand the pivotal benefits of the Android app for your business.

Why Should Startups Invest In Android App Development?

For startups, innovation is a key. Startups can leverage android applications to get the best solution for their specific needs to get an edge over their competitors. Android applications are not only cost-effective solutions, but also enable businesses to cater a large section of audience. It also provides an opportunity to get monetized by advertising, app purchases, and subscription models to ensure profitability for the business. In industries like education, e-commerce, healthcare & wellness, android app development provides massive possibilities for innovation, user engagement, and growth. Let’s explore the benefits of Android App for business in the upcoming section of the blog.

Exploring Benefits of Android App for Business

Here in this section, we will explore numerous benefits of the Android app for your business.


Android is one of the most cost-effective platforms for application development. Android studio tools are freely available, and a one-time subscription fee for the Google Play Store is less than the annual fee for the Apple Store. It has a diverse device ecosystem that reduces the need for multiple testing devices and saves cost significantly. Another feature of Android apps is the lenient approval process of the Google Play Store, which saves development costs and time. The open-source nature of Android also provides flexibility to make tailored apps, contributing to overall cost savings.

Keeping Up with Trends

Some of the latest trends in Android application development, such as Instant Apps, IoT, Kotlin adoption, ML, AI, motion layouts, Blockchain, 5G, VR, AR, and chatbots, provide significant business advantages.

The instant apps enhance engagement while ML and AI provide personalized experiences, IoT, VR, and AR enhance the brand experience, and blockchain ensures security. These latest innovations attract customers, improve application performance, and streamline interactions to contribute to overall business growth. It is essential to stay updated with these Android trends to remain competitive and innovative in this dynamic application development landscape.

Better Marketing Channels

Android has the edge over iOS in that you are not limited to submitting applications only on the Play Store. An Android application developer can submit their apps to users on different third-party platforms. This means people can access your application through multiple sources or channels. Moreover, the Android app empowers you to publicize your application more effectively because the Play Store has a traffic of millions of users per day. You can also select various marketing plans to advertise your app for more downloads.

Business Growth and Android Apps

Android applications contribute business growth by expanding market reach, and increasing business efficiency. It provides a direct channel for customer interaction, enabling the business to provide a personalized experience and improve brand loyalty. Android apps can also generate additional revenue streams with their features, like advertising and in-app purchases. It also streamlines internal processes and improves the productivity and efficiency of an organization.

You can break geographical barriers with a well-developed and customized mobile application. The best part is that you can customize the Android app completely by yourself, or alternatively, you can hire dedicated Flutter developers  for the same.

How to hire Android App Developers?

Finding and hiring experienced Android app developers at reasonable charges makes planning and weighing various factors easy. If you want to hire dedicated Android developer, then Owebest Technology is your one-stop solution. They can provide you with optimal solutions with top-notch quality. They are among the leading IT service provider who believe in building long-term professional relationships with their clients.

Wrapping Up

Many organizations would find Android to be an ideal solution, and it is indeed. Android is undoubtedly a perfect platform for building a business application. The advantages mentioned above are meant to help you to understand the features of Android applications.

The strategic approach, coupled with a pocket-friendly budget, trend adaptability & opportunities for business, underscores their importance. Consider an Android app not just an option but a dynamic imperative in this tech-driven world. It provides you with a pathway to engage customers meaningfully, reach a broader audience, and streamline operations.