Which Body Type Looks Good in Pakistani Trouser Salwar Suits?

Which Body Type Looks Good in Pakistani Trouser Salwar Suits?

Pakistani trouser salwar suits are an elegant and stylish dress that can be worn for many different occasions. These dresses consist of trousers that are narrow at the ankles and a long tunic known as a kameez. Ibaas Online offers you floor-length Pakistani suits that will enhance your beautiful curves and help you look gorgeous. You can pair them with stunning jewellery and juttis to complete the look.

Rectangular Diva

For women who have an elongated body with a lean waistline and large hips, choosing kurta and pants that are both long and slim will help balance their figure. They can also opt for anarkali suits which are flowy and accentuate their curves beautifully. They can also choose a dupatta with heavy embroidery for a formal look.

Pakistani Salwar Suits in Delhi are available in a variety of fabrics and styles. Cotton, silk, georgette, and crepe are the most popular choices as they’re lightweight and soft on the skin. However, it’s important to take the weather and occasion into account when choosing a fabric. Having a fabric that’s too heavy can make you feel weighed down while having a fabric that’s too tight can restrict your movement.

The hourglass figure is a figure that can carry almost any type of Indian traditional dress with panache. This type of body has a slim waist and perfectly round hips. Women with this figure are known to have great grace and a sexy look. They can also choose from a wide variety of Pakistani trouser salwar suits as they can fit most sizes. A Pakistani anarkali suit or a Punjabi kurta can highlight your shoulders and decolletage and give you a sleek look. They can also wear dhoti pants or Patiala salwar suits to accentuate their legs and thighs.

Apple Shaped

Women with an apple body shape have a large bust and belly but slim legs. They should look for dresses and tops that hide their large stomach and focus on their stunning legs. Frock-style Anarkali salwar suits and A-line kurtis are perfect for them. Women who are apple-shaped should also avoid dresses with puffy sleeves or ruffles, as they will make the shoulders appear broader.

Similarly, women who are Pear shaped should focus on their lean upper half and slimmer lower half. They will look great in long, flowing salwar suits that highlight their petite waist and slender hips. Women who are Pear shaped should also wear plunging or V-shaped neck lines to accentuate their slim necks and upper body.

If you are looking for a stylish and elegant dress that will suit your unique curves, then Pakistani trouser salwar suits are definitely worth checking out. These versatile pieces of clothing are ideal for any occasion and can be worn with a wide range of accessories. You can buy them online from Panash India for a hassle-free experience. They come in a variety of styles and can be worn with different dupattas, making them suitable for every taste. Choose from a wide selection of colors and patterns to find the perfect one for you. And remember to pair them with a clutch and jewellery to complete the look!

Pear Shaped

Those with a pear-shaped body have a slimmer upper half and a heavier lower half. They have small busts, narrow shoulders, and a thin waist. They need to highlight their petite torso and slender hips and avoid wearing outfits that draw attention to their wide bottom region. Floor-length anarkali suits work best for them, as they are tight on top and flare at the bottom, which will balance out their body shape.

Choose fabrics like cotton, chiffons, and georgettes as they are lightweight and will help you look thinner. Avoid heavier materials such as velvet, jute, tussar, organza, and satin as they will add bulk to your frame. Also, make sure that your kameez and trouser length are apt for your height. The kameez should end right below your knees.

Those with an apple body shape have broad shoulders and a big chest, but they are usually lean from the waist down. They should focus on highlighting their slender upper bodies while concealing their hefty thighs and hips. Flowing Pakistani salwar suits like Punjabi suits and chuuridars will work well for them. They can go for kurtas with large embroidery and sleeveless or short to half-length sleeves. They should avoid blouses with pockets, pleats, and buttons as they will add bulk to their torso. Instead, they should go for sleeveless or half-length sleeved kurtas with V necklines.

Round Shaped

The round shaped body looks good in a variety of Pakistani trouser suits. They are flowy and light making it easy for the wearer to walk around without any discomfort. They are a must-have for any woman’s wardrobe, especially those who love to flaunt their curves. The sharara suit, a Punjabi outfit consisting of a floor-sweeping flared pants and a short kurti is a good choice for those looking to add an element of drama to their look. The patiala suit, another Punjabi suit with a kameez that is above the traditional knee length and baggy salwars can also be worn by those who have a round shaped body.

Another good option is the Pakistani Suit Online which consists of a long, loose palazzo pant and a kameez that is short. They are perfect for tall girls and can be paired with a kurti or a jacket depending on your preference. These suits are made with light fabrics like chiffon or georgette, which helps to make the wearer look slimmer.

Unstitched salwar kameez fabric can be customized by a professional tailor to fit any woman’s size and taste. It’s also possible to experiment with different sleeve styles, neck designs and kameez lengths. Moreover, you can choose from a wide range of fabrics, colors and embellishments that are perfect for Eid, Ramzan, Diwali, Baisakhi, Durga Pooja or any other Indian festival.