What Is A Trucker Hat?

When it comes to trucker hats they are also known as a netback cap. Other names for trucker hats are mesh cap, feed cap, and gimme cap. 

This particular type of hat originated back in the 1960s. The trucker hat originally was only a promotional item that was being given to truckers, farmers, and rural workers. 

The trucker hat started to become very popular in the 2000s. Individuals in the hip hop, rock, and skater cultures were the sectors that made the trucker hat popular and a fashion trend. 

What Is A Baseball Cap?

A cap that is soft with a rounded crown and a stiff bib is known as a baseball cap. On the front of almost every baseball cap there is a logo of some type of sports team, usually a baseball team. There are baseball caps specifically designed for other sports leagues such as the NBA and the NFL. 

Then you have baseball caps that are used as marketing tools for different brands or companies. The baseball cap is made to fit the head and multiple different ways. The cap may be fitted where it fits the wearer’s head perfectly. It may have elastic in the back where it is easily adjusted to different types of heads. 

The cap can be adjusted to the wearer’s head by using plastic prongs or velcro. The original purpose of the baseball cap was to be a part of the baseball players uniform and to assist in shielding the sun from the players’ eyes. 

The baseball cap is still used for this purpose in the game of baseball but it has also evolved into a fashion accessory as well.

The Differences Between The Two Hats 

In today’s millennial generation a baseball cap is also known as a snapback. These types of hats are very popular amongst sports lovers, athletes, and teenagers. In regards to the trucker hats these particular ones are more popular amongst dads and truck drivers. 

They are also referred to as dad hats. One of the first differences between a trucker hat and a baseball cap is the brim angle. 

The baseball cap has a brim angle that is close to 90 degrees. The trucker hat has more of a curved brim and this curved brim makes the trucker hat look smaller when it is compared to a baseball cap. The main panel is also different on each of these hats. 

On the baseball cap the main panel is pre-shaped and it can maintain its form for a much longer time. The main panel on a trucker hat is a much softer panel and it is not pre-shaped. 

Another difference between these two hats is the material that is used for the closure. What is meant by closure is the part that closes and is used to adjust the hat to fit different sizes heads. Both of these hats have closer material but the material is different for each hat. 

The trucker hat has a better closer material because it is made of metallic. The baseball cap has plastic closing material and this often wears down quicker than the closing material that is made of metallic. 

An example if you purchase a Star Wars cap the closure material is usually the same as the material used on the trucker hat. 

Both of these hats have their own style and are popular in their own ways. The trucker hat is more for the older demographic and the baseball caps is more for the youngsters who are into sports, hip-hop, and rocker scenes. 

Both of these hats have pros and cons so it is really up to the individual and their own personal style when it comes to choosing a hat that suits them best.