What Tools Does a Lineman Need?

When a person goes to work as a lineman they need to make sure they have all of the proper tools and supplies needed for the job. Some linemen tools can help make the job easier and are required for the projects. These are some common linemen tools that are needed for the job.

Compression Tools

The exact compression tool may vary based on the type of work that the lineman is completing. There are compression tools that can be used in open spaces and some designed to get into tight areas. The heads of the tool can be designed to be interchangeable which will make it easy to transition to the specific type without having to purchase a new tool.

Climbers and Gaffs

If a lineman is going to need to climb they need to have the equipment that will make them safe. Some of this equipment includes gaffs, spikes, irons, hooks, and other items that will make it easier to climb. When talking about climbing tools a good and comfortable pair of boots is needed. This will make it safe for the lineman to climb and get their work done.

6 Ton Compression Tool

This tool should have a 1.8-inch jaw for the opening. This is used to make sure all entrance work is done correctly. It will be able to perform the duties needed for these tasks.

12 Ton Compression Tool

This tool should have a 1.65-inch jaw opening that will allow it to complete the job. This is used in overhead applications and some operations when a person is working independently.

Gear Driven Cable Cutter

This cable cutter is best when it has a 2-inch jaw opening. This will allow a person to slice cables that are made from copper and aluminum with little resistance. They will be able to slice them like it was nothing making the job easier.

Insulated Gloves

A lineman is going to be working with electric equipment and they will need to protect their hands. There are gloves designed for those that work with high voltage. The insulated gloves will also need to be pair with a leather set of gloves so they do not get damaged.

Climbing Belt

When a lineman needs to climb they are going to need to have a proper climbing belt for safety. Even if they need to climb a pole they should have a climbing belt. This will allow them to climb safely especially if they need to be working with their hands at heights.

Hot Stick

This is needed for those that are working with live wires. These poles come with interchangeable tool heads. They can be used for several different functions while protecting the lineman from getting shocked.

Batteries and Chargers

the lineman will usually be on the job site and they will need to make sure the pools they have been able to be powered. Cordless tools make it easy to work but they will need batteries to keep them going. If the lineman does not have a way to use the power tools the work will be much harder.

Skinning Knife

This knife is used to score and slice through the jackets of different cables. Some knives can work through insulation, models, and other materials. This will make the job of the lineman easier.

These are some tools that linemen commonly used. Having these tools will make the job easier and will allow a lineman to complete the job safely and professionally.