Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Laptop in Every Price Segment

You will find laptops in every price range. However, with price, features differ as the high-priced laptops are bound to have more features.

For electronic devices like laptops, the higher the price range, the more comprehensive are their features. Of course, looks and the brand name also affect the price tag, thus making it difficult to choose the right laptop within your reach.

Finding the best laptop under 30,000 INR can be difficult, as laptops today come with some of the latest features that add to their manufacturing costs.

Online retailers and offline merchants promise discounts and cashback offers, while coupon sites help save money to online shoppers. Bank card holders browse through sites announcing maximum offers on certain debit or credit cards.

Laptops within Your Budget

Some of the best laptops can cost as much as our monthly salary, so buying them at a lower price necessitates some basic usable tricks. Look for budget laptops, mid-range laptops, and premium laptops.

Though some of the best laptops under 15,000 INR may not boast of the high-end features you yearn for, they serve well for basic use. You will find a laptop in every price segment, depending on how constrained your budget is, and your willingness to part with your earnings.

You may wait for midnight sales wherein manufacturers come up with bumper offers and announce exciting discounts, or make bundled offers.

Those with access to premium membership with some e-tailers can view the sales offers half an hour before the regular customers, thus allowing them more options to choose from and opt for the ‘early bird’ offers.

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Discounts and offers along with coupon codes allow scope for purchases at reduced rates, while the EMI Network Card ensures purchase on EMIs.

Choosing the Right Laptop

It is not enough to look at the price tags while choosing a laptop. The type of laptop that you pay for has a deciding impact on the ease of your work, be it typing a whitepaper article or working on a research dissertation or thesis, or creating an alluring video for YouTube or social media handles.

Choosing the best laptop for your use can be a challenge, as a lot depends on the size and features including availability of dual drive storage options, sizes of hard drive and RAM, upgradable memory, UHD Graphics with shared graphics memory etc.

Size and weight matter, as many people prefer compact devices that they may carry to their workplace. Battery life is another factor you must not ignore if you plan to carry the laptop outside for work.

Then there are bend-back or detachable laptops available, if you wish to use your laptop as a tablet. However, a standard clamshell notebook may be a better choice for ease of use.

These days, students are also keen to work on laptops. Chromebooks are deemed best for kids and students as they offer plenty of functionalities. The platform they are comfortable working with also matters.