The True Winery Is At Zema Estate

Zema Estate in Australia has been producing wine for ages.  It’s been running for four decades and is reputed for producing Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. The estate is famous all over Australia for its best quality and taste. The taste has never changed since day one. It has seen so many seasons, so many environmental fluctuations but the firm has not compromised on its quality. That is the classic feature of Zema estate and coonawarra wineries.

The main quality of the estate is that the fruit is hand pruned, handcrafted and personalised care is taken for every plant. This gives the customer an essence of satisfaction and guarantees the best quality services. They are honest to their customers with their taste.  John Riddoch planted his first vineyard of Coonawarra fruit in1891 and only asked two things from his workers. First one is to plant the coonawarra wineries only on fertile terra Rossa soil which is north from the township of Penola, and they should plant cabernet or shiraz which we based on their instincts that he and his gardener had. They tested the plants on various soils and finally decided on this soil. They thought the soil would make a successful orchid and it finally did. The family has stuck to their original decision since 40 years and that is what makes them a unique brand.

Zema brand is known for its originality and unique taste

Zema family has its roots in Italy and has bought their basic knowledge of growing vineyards from Italy. They have this traditional wealth of knowledge which is helping them in being so successful. They always take care of the plant personally, by hand pruning, hand shaping, nurturing, and even adjusting the canopy for each plant to make a successful tasty venture. Vine health is managed very carefully and taken care of through minimal irrigation, canopy care, and monitoring for pests and diseases.

Winemaking at Zema estate is also done very carefully just like they grow the grapes with so much care. The best wines are made when details are taken care off and every fruit is given the best attention. This makes the zema wineries the best in Australia. All the samples of fruits from harvesting to fermentation and maturation are kept separately and this provides the winemaker with the best opportunity to make the perfect wine. You can now blend the wines easily because of your separation.

The hand pruned and handcrafted tradition is what provides satisfaction to their customers. They love the taste so bad that they are beautiful. when you open your shiraz and Zema cabernet you can feel the aroma and perfect taste. The shibori protects offer the perfect wine at sight.