The Right Intake and Dosage Method of Keppra

Here is the drug called levetiracetam and it is highly suitable for treating conditions of seizures or perfect epilepsy. It is the medicine with the name of anticonvulsants and it helps decrease the chances and episodes of seizures. It is the perfect antiepileptic drug and it is just the right thing for your dog. You get the drug for strength of 250mg and you also get the medicine in strengths of 500mg and 750mg. The tablets are also available for the strength of 1000mg. The item is available in the form of grape flavored liquid and it is right for the oral administration of the dogs.

Chemical Essentiality of the Drug

The solution has the chemical label of levetiracetam and commonly it is called Keppra. It is the single enantiomer – (-)-(S)-a-ethyl-2-oxo-1-pyrrolidine acetamide and it comes with the molecular formula of C8H14N2O2. It also has the molecular weight of 170.21. The drug is gaining immense popularity among the medical fraternity and it is just the best to treat epilepsy in case of the dogs. The drug is the perfect treatment solution to help the dogs with complaints of seizures. It happens when there is rapid neuron discharge in the brain. This can give way to enhanced electrical activity inside the brain of the dog.

Reasons of Epilepsy

The undesirable electrical activity can be highly dangerous and if not treated in time can lead to fatal consequences. The condition can happen if the dog eats something poisonous and also in case when the animal is suffering from liver ailments. The condition can even happen when the dog is suffering from fluctuations of blood sugar. The same can even happen when there is underlying kidney ailment and also in cases of electrolyte problems, anemia, and the rest. The ailments are varied and it can attack the lifespan of the dog if you don’t have in hand the solution of levetiracetam.

Dosage and Consumption Style

You can have the drug in form of perfect liquid and it also comes in the form of the regular release tables. You have to take the make the dogs take the medicine orally twice in a day. The dog is made to have the medicine with or without the food. However, the dog should not crash or chew the tablets or else they will suffer from the bitter taste of the tablet. The tablet is prescribed once in a day and in case the drug dosage is not right it can cause undesirable side effects.

Method of Medicinal Intake

Try if you can make the dog swallow the entire tablet in one go. However, the dosage of the medicine will depend on the amount as prescribed by the doctor. You also have the various common factors that helps determine the dosage of the medicine. There is one more things that helps decide the dosage of the medicine and that is the weight of the dog. If the dog is weak and feeble t is not recommended to have a high medicinal dosage. Weighing the dog is necessary to avoid the possible side effects of the medicine.