What are the types of Roller Shutters and their functions?

Shutters are divided into various types according to their shape, application, opening and closing method, etc. Knowing the differences between them will make it easier to choose. The types of shutters are classified according to the weight (thickness of slats) such as “lightweight” and “weight”, and the installation location such as “entrance” and “garage”.

Do you know all possible types of shutters to use in your industry? First of all, it is important to understand that an industrial shutter is a product that needs to have a guarantee of origin and quality to provide the results expected by companies. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of some aspects involved in the process of choosing and purchasing this product. 

Check out this article for some additional types of industrial shutters for your business. 

Roller shutters are generally used to cover large glass facades, both in homes and businesses, and give the space a touch of modernity and refinement. Often used in spaces located in warmer cities, the aluminum shutter is an efficient barrier against the heat and ultraviolet rays of the sun, which ensures a comfortable environment for all users.

What types of industrial shutters?

Among the different types of industrial shutters are permanent ventilation solutions manufactured to function without the need for mechanical force. The product also helps in the introduction of natural lighting in the factories, in order to reduce the consumption of electric energy resulting from the use of climate control devices and artificial lamps.

It is, therefore, a solution that provides thermal comfort and resource savings in companies at the same time. In addition, the internal air exchange driven by the shutters helps to reduce the concentration of harmful particles in the environment, making the workplace healthier.

The rolling shutter manufacturer offers several solutions for those who want to save on energy consumption using natural lighting and ventilation for industry. However, it is necessary to be very attentive to the quality of the chosen product so that it is in fact an efficient and economical solution. Regarding shutters, knowing the main models available is the first step in making a smart purchase. 

Large expansion Roller Shutters

There are also shutters for wide frontages for large cargo and heavy machinery to enter and exit, and “explosion-proof shutters” that are strong against impacts in response to explosion accidents. There is also an airtight type that prevents dust from entering from the outside and a type that prevents explosion due to static electricity.

Shutters that correspond to wide openings are called wide shutters, and even manual shutters can be as wide as 10 meters. In addition, airtight shutters are used when air tightness and safety are required. There is also a vinyl type airtight shutter, and there are many options such as flameproof, static electricity, and insect repellent effects.

In factories where there is a high risk of explosion due to flammable gas, shutters with an explosion-proof structure that has excellent measures against static electricity and those with high pressure resistance that can withstand an explosion are used.