The Benefits of an Open-Plan Office

Firstly, collaboration and communication are improved. Open-plan offices encourage more face-to-face conversations. There is no need to schedule a meeting with a colleague when you can just turn around and speak to them quickly.

Promoting team spirit, open-plan offices allow for a more social office environment. By fostering this, you are encouraging your team to collaborate more. Ideas can be shared and worked on together, producing a more creative working environment.

A more sociable office improves the entire company culture. By literally breaking down barriers you can ensure the office feels more inclusive. This helps staff feel more fulfilled at work.

A Happy Environment

Open-plan offices are regularly criticised. However, they remain a popular layout for many workplaces across the world. Open-plan offices can increase productivity and creativity. The key to making this layout work for you and your team is ensuring you util ise the layout in a way that enhances the working environment.

The Advantages of an Open-Plan Office

Open-plan offices also make people healthier. According to the BBC, people who work in an open-plan office are 32% more active than those who work in offices or cubicles. A less sedentary office worker feels less stressed both in and out of work, and this increase in activity could also help to reduce the risks of health complications such as type 2 diabetes.

Offices that have an open-plan layout also have more natural sunlight, which enhances people’s moods. People feel more relaxed, and this increases productivity. Air quality is also improved in an open-plan layout, again benefiting the team.

Having a more flexible workspace means office layouts can be changed and moved in order to suit the needs of your employees. Using modular desks and operator chairs allows for the furniture to be arranged to fit the task in hand. Choosing the correct furniture for your office is important, and you can find a range of operator chairs here.

So if you want a forward-thinking workplace that encourages a more sociable and flexible team, an open-plan layout is something you should be considering. More traditional offices have been shown to decrease productivity and add to feelings of loneliness and isolation. But whatever you choose, the ergonomics of office space need to be of a high standard, and careful planning is definitely required.