7 Types of Gold Necklace Chains For Everybody

In the jewelry world, the popular opinion is that gold necklaces only suit women. While women’s gold necklaces look really good, one cannot say that man cannot pull it off. This is where we swoop in the picture.

Gold necklaces come in different varieties to cater to the needs of everyone out there. One can easily choose one of them according to their personality type. However, you need to assess all the options before making a decision. And yet, many of us haven’t really considered shopping just because of a lack of options.

Let’s assess each type of gold necklace chain to find our perfect match.

Types of Gold Necklace Chains

  • The Mariner Chain

As the name suggests, the mariner chain has some of its similarities with anchors. People who are fond of sea voyages and talking about them can undoubtedly choose this type. The puffed mariner chain is a beefier version of the anchor chain that suits people with a heavyweight. These chains are generally very well put together to give you an attractive appearance while being totally composed. You can choose commemorative with options as well.

  • Beaded Chains

Again, the name says it all. There are several beads linked together to create a chain. The size of the string is influenced the size of the balls and links that connect them together. The spaces between these walls allow them to move. For those who want to look street smart and up-to-date can choose these beaded chains. However, the exchange of the list sturdy of the lot.

  • Cable Chains

These are the most conventional type of chains that you might see very often. Cable chains are shaped in oval and look really beautiful due to their interconnections. These jeans are effortless to maintain as well because any broken link can be replaced quickly.

A beautiful pendant attached to one of the ends of the chain can escalate its appearance. These are the most uncomplicated and study chains you can buy.

  • Rope Chain

These are one of the most beautiful chains you can buy in the market today. There are different segments of metal connected that looks like a metal rope. These might look very light but actually are heavy because of the density of connections in between. It makes them the most durable and sturdy chain types there are. There are delicate counterparts for this type of chain as well that look very good with a pendant.

  • Snake Chain

The snake chain obviously resembles a snake, but it’s interesting to know how. The streamlined body that is uniform from every side without any irregularities makes it very similar to a snake. This chain is made of many small rings that are connected very tightly together for a plane and smooth surface. You might not have textures on it, but it looks really slick.

Again, snake jeans look really good with a pendant but are not very sturdy. These chains also do not tangle very easily; you can catch your hair too.

  • Wheat Chains

These chains are made of twisted oval rings that are symmetrically linked together to form a delicate structure. This type looks like a chain made of wheat stalks connected together. These are rigid structures that are considerably durable and sturdy. They give you an appearance that might not go out of fashion in the near future.

After having gone through all the significant structures of chains, you can certainly say that men’s gold necklaces also reside in the trend nowadays. These chains are unisex and can be worn by everyone with equal pride.