Marketing Made Simple: How Can A Printed Bag Increase ROI?

Today, marketing campaigns and strategies are more important than ever and a huge focus for many businesses. Whether it’s through a PPC, SEO or social campaign, increasing brand awareness is key to achieving the best ROI (return of investment). With this in mind, businesses are even beginning to use printed bags as part of their marketing strategy to increase ROI, but how can this be done? Let’s take a closer look, below.

It’s A Walking Billboard!

On your printed bag, whether they’re printed cotton bags or jute bags, you will have your logo, brand name, tagline and contact details. If you want to make your printed bag interactive and engage customers, you could also include social icons to encourage them to follow you on social platforms to keep up to date with your business, as well as a hashtag for customers to use when posting about your products or services. Due to all this information that is included on the printed bags, this makes them a walking billboard. As customers utilise your reusable bag time and time again, they will be showcasing your brand wherever they go!

Generate Exposure For Your Brand

Not only can printed bags be used to increase brand awareness to your existing clients, but they can be used to reach a new audience too. By generating more exposure for your brand, this will help to increase ROI for your business, as more customers will know about your brand. Additionally, by using reusable bags with your brand on, you can use this as gift bags if you sponsor an event, which will also help to generate exposure for your brand.

They Are Versatile

Reusable printed bags made from cotton, jute and canvas, can be used again and again. Their versatility and durability means that customers who own one can use them for shopping, to take clothes to the gym or even if they go on holiday. This means that your logo and brand name will be seen far and wide, not just in your local area. In turn, this will help to reach a wider and new client base and help to increase ROI.

Include The Website Details

In addition to the tagline, logo and contact details, ensure that you have the website details on the bag. This will help to drive more traffic to the site, which should convert. This marketing technique is easy and affordable to do too!

Support Local and National Events

As previously mentioned, by supporting and sponsoring events, prizes can be given out in your printed reusable bags. Winners and those who took part in the event will then be able to use your bag whenever and wherever. What’s more, they will associate your brand with the event, so are likely to look your brand up after the event to find out more. You can even include branded goodies and prizes in the bags, such as pens and information leaflets about your business.

Choose AnEngaging Design

As well as including all the important information on your printed bags, it’s essential that your design is engaging and something customers will want to use again and again. Make sure that the bag isn’t too crowded and take the opportunity to maintain brand consistency through your design and colour scheme. You can also use the printed bags for seasonal campaigns which could run for a limited time, making the bags more appealing to customers.

As you can see, there are a number of ways that a printed bag can increase ROI. Hopefully, these tips can help make your marketing campaign simpler moving forward.