Lex Solutions – Leading law firm of Chandigarh

We get involved in various tasks in our lives such as filling out forms, getting a license, driving a car, etc. One thing that is common in all of these tasks is that they should be done by following a legal procedure. For instance, you need to get a license, then you should get it legally made instead of going forward with it illegally.

Though, legal issues can be taxing and nerve-racking, opting for legal ways is the best way to move forward. We agree, that legal procedures are time-consuming, but professional lawyers of well-established law firms can make it a cakewalk.

Lex Solutions in Chandigarh is one of the best law firms in India and have offices in Chandigarh, Delhi, and Dubai. It is a one-stop organization where you can get all your legal work done.

About the Law Firm

The firm keeps coming up with creative and original solutions that aren’t heard of by their clients. Their list of clients ranges from Government Corporations, companies, wealthy individuals or high net worth individuals (HNI), educational institutes, financial institutes, and many more.

The firm promises to pay close attention to the problems faced by its clients while delivering best-in-class service and maintaining the privacy of its clients.

Outside India, Lex Solutions offer legal advice and solutions to Non-Resident Indians from countries like Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Australia, and others regarding issues of real estate, corporate litigation, arbitration disputes, writ remedies, criminal matters, and white-collar crimes.

The best lawyers of the firm have represented their clients at the highest court of India, the Supreme Court. Besides that, the legal firm has represented its clients at High Courts and Tribunal Courts of various states, especially in the Punjab and Haryana High Court in Chandigarh, the Delhi High Court, and a number of other tribunals in both Chandigarh and Delhi.

The Founding Figure

The law firm, Lex Solutions was established by Mr. Anil Mehta, the best lawyer in Chandigarh. Mr. Mehta’s expertise and determination to stand for what’s right is the foundation of the firm and assist it to deliver the best service to all its clients.

Anil Mehta is a law graduate from the Army Institute of Law at Mohali and a London School of Economics certificate holder in Corporate Law and Governance.

He stood as the Deputy Advocate General for the state of Haryana in the Chandigarh high court. He holds expertise in International and Domestic contracts, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Matrimonial litigation to name a few.

Services Provided by the Law Firm

Lex Solution provides various services to its clients. From matrimonial issues to real estate problems to corporate matters to financial issues, or writing a writ or counselling for writing PIL, Lex Solutions got you all covered!

  1. Real Estate and land-related disputes: The firm enables its client to legally solve issues regarding property ownership, transfer of property, conflicts due to property and how to legally sell, purchase, and mortgage real estate.
  1. Corporate Litigation: The law firm helps its clients to solve issues revolving around corporate disputes. The lawyers look at the case from all the possible angles and help them to win the case by stating facts, and evidence, and examining witnesses.
  1. Writ Work: Writ is a legal document written by legal authorities to order a person or institute to act in a certain way. The qualified lawyers at Lex Solutions can draft writs for their clients.
  1. Matrimonial disputes: The firm provides solutions to their clients dealing with matrimonial issues such as divorce, child marriages, guardianship, domestic violence, etc.
  1. Criminal Matters: People involved in criminal cases can reach out to Lex Solution to get help in registration of crime, granting bail, CBI cases, defending anti-corruption cases and many more.
  1. Service matter: In case you need to find to legally address a service issue, Lex Solutions can represent you in Labour courts, industrial tribunals, etc.
  1. Election-related disputes: If any political party or politician uses an illegal path to win an election or in electoral campaigning, the best lawyers at Lex Solution can provide services for legal assistance in political procedures, documentation work, challenging the way election was conducted, etc.
  1. Bankruptcy and Insolvency: Issues under the domain of banking or finances like debt restructuring, distressed sales, credit bidding, etc., then Lex Solutions’ certified lawyers can help you find your way out through such issues too.
  1. Intellectual property:  With e-commerce seeing a rise in its graph, so does the graph of online frauds is rising. However, the best lawyers from the Chandigarh law firm can succeed in helping you deal with matters surrounding trademark and copyright, partial competition, protection of confidentiality, licensing, etc.
  1. Energy and Natural Resources: Projects involving natural resources and energy resources can be complex. But a team of passionate lawyers makes it easy for you by counselling you regarding the planning of the project, the financial aspect of the project, and negotiations in the contracts.
  1. Public Interest Litigation: Public Interest Litigation or PIL is litigation written to safeguard the interests of the public. It is recommended to write litigation if there’s a human rights violation, misuse of government schemes, matters that affect the entire society or when religious beliefs are offended. The Chandigarh legal firm plays the role of counseling those who wish to file PIL.

It is worth noting that Lex Solutions do not charge any fee for their client who is seeking consultation for the very first time over mail or phone calls. However, if the client wants one-on-one consultation, then a fee is charged depending on the duration of the discussion.

Thus, with a mission to provide the best results standing with the clients for their rights, Lex Solutions was born. The team of professional and certified lawyers is striving towards putting their best foot forward in assisting their clients to legally find a way towards the solution.