How can I make it big with a degree?    


A majority of commerce students opt for B.Com after high school. It is the single most popular undergraduate program in India. But a lot of people hit a wall after graduation. B.Com opens a lot of spaces for people, but it also makes the field fairly saturated. The best way to stand out of the pack is to choose a path that aligns the most with your passion and life’s purpose. Since B.Com is an undergraduate degree, finishing it opens a multitude of options. You can either progress with your studies or you can start your career. 

3 Reasons Why Youngsters are Choosing B.Com

  1. Studying a wide array of subjects

    B.Com is the study of a wide range of subjects, starting with basics in accounting and business studies. Most students get a degree from B.Com colleges in Indore in economics or computers as a side major. Some other important subjects are corporate secretaryship, marketing, law, tourism, and taxation. The subjects are bifurcated into years, and the coursework is designed to equip students with the appropriate knowledge of running a business or working for a company.

    There’s no other undergraduate as diverse or customizable as B.Com. Graduates can go in any direction of their choosing based on this degree.
  2.  Diverse future options

    Graduates can opt for a career right after graduating from B.Com. The commonly chosen path for B.Com graduates is working in a company or entrepreneurship. The lower-level positions can work up to managerial statures. As the industry expands to unfathomable levels, there is a considerable desire for junior employees who are often the bedrock of the operations. B.Com graduates accomplish that.
  3. Open employment pool

    Every year, millions of lucrative job opportunities open up for B.Com graduates. From marketing intern to executive assistant, B.Com graduates master the discipline for many leading skills and excel in meeting the criteria for most job listings. A majority of B.Com graduates master in-demand skills that make them desirable candidates for hire. 

5 Ways to Make it Big After B.Com

In the professional world, having just a B.Com degree is sometimes not enough. Most people view it as a starting point for something bigger. Although the degree covers the widest range of subjects related to the commerce stream, most of the syllabus is restricted to the surface level. Nevertheless, millions of Indians build their careers on undergraduate degrees alone. 

Here’s how you can too:

  1. Get an internship

    Now that you have an industry-standard graduation degree, you can easily apply for internships across the board. No department is off limits, and there’s no stream you shouldn’t try for. In writing, accounting, management, journalism, designing, and so much more – an internship is a great way to surf the waters of a field you also wanted to try. Internships are an incredible learning experience, wherein you get to see the ins and outs of a career. It’s not just about the glossy stuff, but the mundane 8-hour workday which really prepares you for a long career ahead.
  2. Sign up for an online course

    A great way to build up your resume after B.COM is to get a specific certification in your field of interest. Many graduates take up remote certifications in streams such as finance, design, etc, after their graduation and start applying for jobs that demand those skills. There are many credible certifications that are available at your fingertips. Online courses are remote, flexible, and affordable. They can be pursued simultaneously with other ventures such as an internship or a full-time job.
  3. Explore options for higher studies

    You can take a gap year and use that time to search for the best possible master’s degree for you. The liberty of a gap year will allow you to explore some options and settle on a career that truly speaks to you. There are plenty of higher study options that complement a B.Com degree. Some leading options are an M.Com from the best commerce colleges in Indore or an MBA from management institute in Indore.
  4. Refine your skill set

    Because B.Com is theoretical, you don’t get the practical experience you need to excel in this field. The best way to make the most of your B.Com qualification is to refine your skill set with work experience. Suppose you want to make a career as a taxation expert, then the relevant skill set you need is the knowledge of the Indian Tax Code, legal filings, etc. While B.Com teaches you the fundamentals of filing taxes, it falls upon you to learn how to. Once you are in control of that skill, you can land a good-paying job in the field.
  5. Commit to the job

    There are many ways to excel in your career after gaining the baseline knowledge of your field. Top B.Com graduates take up jobs such as executive assessment, marketing liaison, traveling salesperson, etc, and climb up the professional ladder through promotion.

In Conclusion, 

Gone are the days when a bulky resume and a fancy degree were essential to build a formidable career. In today’s day and age, it doesn’t matter how great your degree is or how prestigious your college was, what matters is the skill set you bring to the table. With the right decisions and a B.Com degree from RIMS, Indore, you are well on your way to making a remarkable career for yourself. Here were the ways in which you can make it big with a B.Com degree. Good Luck!