Alaskan king crab legs earned the title of “king” for many reasons. It isn’t just the size of their gigantic clusters of jumbo legs and thick claws or their impressive overall weight, though those facts certainly contributed to their reputation; their succulent, tender meat has such an excellent flavor, people can’t get enough. Demand is high and supply is low, but you can usually find this delicacy in the most exclusive restaurants around the world. The meat from colossal king crab legs on sale is versatile and simple to prepare, full of amazing health benefits and it’s useful and delicious in a wide variety of dishes. Appetizers, side dishes, and main dishes alike will all benefit from the addition of our incredible jumbo king crab legs.


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 Giant king crab legs are blast frozen to lock in freshness and taste. They will be delivered to your home in a box packed with dry ice and you will receive 6 to 9 Alaskan crab legs in each box, with each giant leg being between 1.11-2.5 lbs, filled with delicious king crab meat.

King Crab prices often reflect how much meat you can find in the crab itself.  It is not worth purchasing cheap king crab legs since they often have more shell than meat.  With our King Crab legs you can be reassured that even without Alaskan king crab prices Per Pound, you will have more meat than from any other supplier.

King Crab nutrition is very healthy for your diet.  King crab is well known for having very low fat and being high in protein.  King crab is also great for any diet since it is very filling, yet is not high in calories.  The average King Crab Calories are only around 130 calories per leg.

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King Crab Contains Substantial biological process Benefits

Many individuals nowadays try and eat as healthy as possible. They don’t need the concern that comes with feeding changed foods. The Alaskan crabs we provide purchasable on-line were caught within the Pacific, and that they don’t seem to be raised with antibiotics, hormones or any preservatives. King crab is high in macromolecule and low in fat. The sweet flesh of the king crab is spiked with zinc… a large seven milligrams per 3.5-ounce serving.

Why care regarding your intake of zinc? The specialists suggest it. “Zinc is Associate in Nursing antioxidant, however additional important, it helps support healthy bone mass and immune function,” says Susan Bowerman, assistant director of the middle for Human Nutrition at the University of American state at Los Angeles.

Zinc is simply one among the numerous health edges that create Alaskan king crabmeat superior to several different kinds of seafood. once you style crab from American state Lobster Now, you’ll ne’er trust another