How influencers make money on Instagram?

Have you ever wondered that you can make money on Instagram or is it only for sharing posts and videos?

If you think so then you are wrong! You need to read this post right away because you are lacking some hardcore knowledge.

Instagram was first created in — and since then lot of people have joined it and it became one of the best social media platform in the world. But some people use Instagram only for chatting, uploading picture and other are using it to earning.

Whenever you see a picture or post like “follow this account” or “paid promotion with” that means these are sponsored posts and they charge money for the same.

So that is how people are making money on Instagram. Now I question is why do they make money and why do companies approach them.

Because if you take a look at the top Instagram meme pages they have huge number of follower but no one approaches them for sponsor because they are just a meme account.

But if we take a look at an influencer, various brands approach them because people follow these influencers because they like them and they will also like the products these influencers will suggest. This is the major reason why Influencer are approached by various brands.

But being an influencer is not that easy. If you want people to like you then you have post pictures that people like and if someday you post a picture that offend a community or somebody, you can lose followers and believe when someone unfollows you one time then he never follows you again. So being an influencer is a very difficult job. You have to reply to your followers not everyone but at least a few one so, people will have an idea that you care for your followers and read their comments and messages.

You can also become an influencer and can make money from Instagram, moneyora has made it simple to earn online for beginners.

How much do influencers earn?

The earning depends upon the brand itself. If a brand that has low budget, then the influencer will earn less and if the brand is powerful then you have a chance to earn more money. But the major role of earning is based on your followers. If you have high number of followers, then you have the chance of earning more money than any other influencer.

Earning of Influencer also depends upon the results as well. If a company does partnership with an influencer and then didn’t see a lot of results, then the followers of the influencer doesn’t believe or trust in him/her.

The Instagram influencing is all about how much your followers are putting their trust on you. If you can bring good results to the company, then company will surely hire you for future sponsorship and may even increase you pay.


Influencers earn money by posting sponsorship posts of various brands. Anyone can become an influencer if you have great number of followers. Instagram is the place for fun and also it’s the place to earn money also.