Sending Messages in Telegram Groups

These days people pay attention to social networks and messengers. One of the most popular messengers among the people is Telegram.

Telegram has many users and is an appropriate atmosphere for advertising. Specially Telegram groups are one of the best atmospheres to advertise because there many people that can see your post. In the following, we want to explain more about this topic. Stay tuned.

What is the advantage of advertising in the Telegram group?

If you want to advertise in Telegram groups you can choose the groups that are related to your field of business and if you do this you can be sure that your promotional content is seen by people who are interested in your business or who your services can meet their needs.

Methods of Finding Telegram Groups

You can do two ways to find a group or channel related to your work on Telegram:

  • Searching in Google
  • Searching in Telegram

Find the Group by Searching on Google

We will explain this method with an example. If your business is selling clothes. You just need to open the browser of your phone or computer and write “Telegram group selling clothes” in the search section. After that, they will show you the links of the groups related to the sale of clothes, and you can open each one and see the list of groups.

Find a Group by Searching on Telegram

In this way, you can search for the group you want on Telegram. For this, first, by clicking on the magnifier in the corner of Telegram, you can search for public conversations with any topic you want so that the best results are displayed for you, now you will be shown a list that you can enter by clicking on each one and you can become a member.

How to send messages in groups?

To send a message in a group, you either have to enter the desired group and write your message or select a message and send it to your intended group. But if the number of groups in which you want to send advertisements increases, you must send messages to each group individually. Therefore, sending manually and daily or hourly is difficult and intolerable. So, in the following, we will introduce to you tools for sending automatic messages in groups.

Introducing Automatic Message-Sending Tools in Groups

In this section, we have introduced 3 of the best Bots that are currently active, so stay with us:

  • The Virtual User Sending Bulk Messages to Groups Bot
  • The Python script to send bulk messages on Telegram
  • The Telegram bulk message auto forwarder Bot

The Virtual User Sending Bulk Messages to Groups Bot

The first and best Bot for sending messages in Telegram groups is the Virtual User Bot which is used to automatically send bulk messages in Telegram groups. This Bot is a part of the Virtual User Telegram Bulk Message Sender Package, in addition to this feature, there are other Bots in this package that you can use for advertising and marketing in Telegram.

The Python Script to Send Bulk Messages on Telegram

Another way to send bulk messages on Telegram is through custom Python scripts that use the Telegram desktop app to send messages. For this script to work, you need an excel sheet with all Telegram usernames to send your message. After implementation, just enter Telegram desktop and run the script. The script reads the data from the excel sheet and sends the configured message to all users one by one.

The Telegram Bulk Message Auto Forwarder Bot

Telegram Auto Forwarder Bot is an alternative to sending messages to multiple Telegram users. This Bot can be very useful for those who need to make transactions or automate their Telegram marketing. It takes messages from groups, channels, or individual users and forwards them to selected Telegram users. It can also translate messages and customize them before sending them.


We have said that advertising in Telegram group has importance because you can find some groups that are related to your business and field of activity. Then introduced to you 3 tools that can help you in advertising.