Biotechnology Offers Bright Career Prospects

Biotechnology is the use of biological processes that generally deals with a genetic mutation of living organisms like bacteria, yeast, living cells, etc or biological substances like enzymes to make useful products like synthetic hormones, antibiotics, bulk food stocks, drugs, etc. Biotechnology is a highly researched oriented discipline that involves knowledge of a host of other disciplines like Chemistry, physics, mathematics, medicine, engineering, etc. It is a very exciting and immensely satisfying discipline that allows you to make the world a better and healthier place for its inhabitants.

In other words, Biotechnology is a subject or industry that focuses on techniques to develop new and novel drugs to treat a series of diseases and medical conditions. Biotech is a highly research-oriented field that is characterized by long development lead times. It may take years and years of precision research before a new drug moves from the laboratory to a shelf in a medicine shop. Another important factor to consider is that there is a distinct possibility of close to 80 percent of drugs failing to find approvals with concerned authorities leading to massive wastage of time, money and other valuable resources.

However, it is not all doom and gloom as drugs that succeed can reap immense benefits for the concerned firms with astronomical profits not unheard of. All this warrants that you do obtain your degree in this discipline from the btech biotech colleges in up that are known for providing excellent research facilities.

The biotechnology sector in India is on a strong growth trajectory and qualified professionals are highly in demand. It is a fast-growing sector with huge requirements and demand for qualified professionals. This highly innovative and dynamic sector holds immense growth potential and is expected to make a significant contribution in the coming times to the Indian economy as well as its global stature. India is among the top 12 biotech destinations in the world and ranks third in the Asia-Pacific region.

However, to derive the maximum benefit from this discipline, you need to ensure that you seek admission in top of the line biotechnology colleges that offer the btech biotech colleges in up. As mentioned in the earlier paragraphs, biotechnology is a research-oriented discipline and as such you need an institute that can provide you with a lot of practical exposure. Innovative and research dominated course structure followed by well-established institutes can give a new meaning to your career. Top-rated institutes offer careful mentoring and adequate practical exposure offers a wholesome learning environment.

As it is a new course, a degree in biotechnology from an inferior institute is not going to do much to advance your career. Fresh graduates of second-string institutes or poor quality biotech collegesfind it extremely tough to find quality jobs post completion of their studies owing to the lack of practical exposure in this discipline. As mentioned above, it is a highly research-oriented field and undergraduate degrees do not provide any sort of research methodology training. The emphasis is usually on theory with little or no support for learning the practical aspects of things.