Dhanaulti Kanatal camp is arranged 8600 ft above ocean level in the province of Uttarakhand DEV BHOOMI (India) only 300km from Delhi.

Kanatal camp is the focal place from where you can see well known Tehri Dam, Chamba (21 km from kanatal), Dhanaulti and Mussoorie (30km from Kanatal), Eco-stop at Dhanaulti and Kaudia backwoods go at Kanatal.

Kanatal is honored with quietness and beautiful perspectives that are equipped for satisfying the hunger for something new of the two voyagers and travelers.

Camping in Dhanaulti is serene, quiet and delightful place close to Mussoorie (25km from kanatal) and (70 km from Chamba and Mussoorie) Easily reachable from Kanatal, Mussoorie and Chamba rich with pine and deodar trees wilderness which makes an extremely mitigating air forever where you can be sitting loosen up and quiet your uneasiness behind moreover experience the creative ability of bio assorted variety and nature.

The principle feature of the camps in Dhanaulti is its bonefire zone Rather than this, in case you are devotee of experience and longing to conflict you can keep running for night moving with camps manage with hot soup in wild, an individual can spend lightening under a full sky of stars by the energizing pit fire.

Well ordered augmentation of event makers, today Dhanaulti and Kanatal ends up being most adored guest goals for an students, families, partner’s corporate social affair and exceptional night makers. The city of Kanatal is found somewhere inside the slopes of the flawless territory of Uttarakhand, and has furnished numerous an explorer with stories that are strewn with recollections from the slopes.

Enhancing Mood– Melatonin is another compound that encourages us mentally. Its emission is dependable to feel elated or discouraged, at the end of the day, it helps in upgrading our disposition. Outdoors helps in emission of Melatonin hence enhancing your state of mind levels.

Exercise- The exceptionally obvious medical advantage is an exercise. A large portion of our employments a stationary and over that the tumultuous calendars don’t give us an opportunity to work out. Outdoors exercises help us in consuming calories and along these lines making it a decent exercise.

Sunshine- With urban communities getting to be solid wildernesses, we can’t get homes that are all around intended for the required air and daylight. An outdoors trip gives you both; natural air and Vitamin D from the daylight.

Healthier Brain- Studies from 2 noteworthy colleges in the US demonstrate that new exercises keep the mind sound. An incredible method to get associated with exercises is enjoying the great outdoors except if you have more up to date exercises on each new outing. Dhanaulti camping is one of the most favoured destination among youngsters.

Socializing- Human creatures are social creatures, and this reality makes us not the same as the various creatures on the planet. Additionally, there is logical proof that demonstrates that mingling helps in expanding the life expectancy. Outdoors trips are a standout amongst other approaches to associate with loved ones.