Lighten up your home with Luminous

The market leader luminous is selling batteries, inverters and solar products and already served more than 11 million families to bring light into the homes at an affordable cost. Dealers are the best service providers in Chennai.

According to the home type and requirements, luminous products are designed in a diversified range. There are few technologies on which the inverters batteries are created and discussed below:

  1. Gel Range: Get rid of water requirements in the luminous inverter and there is no spillage in it. It offers continuous power with elongated life and provides 20% more power. Its backup is high as compared to distilled water products.
  2. Tubular Range: It gives high performance and once it is charged, it will go on. It takes less time for charging and these are low maintenance batteries.
  3. Flat Plate Range: Best product for the areas where power cuts are high in numbers, as it comes with enhanced batteries, low water loss and        supports with thick plate construction for a better supply.

Major products based on these technologies are:

  • Battery IGSTJ18000:
  • Modern Gel technology
    • No maintenance required
    • Backup time is 3hours
    • No spillage
    • Emits no Fume which is good to maintain surroundings clear

Price: 14,999 onwards. (Exclusive of Taxes)

Warranty: 48 months

  • Battery 200 Ah- ILTT25060
    • Tubular Technology
    • 200 AH capacity
    • Corrosion resistant property with alloy for long power supply
    • Plastic housing offers high durability
    • Best for long and frequent power cuts

Price: 17,999 onwards. (Exclusive of Taxes)

Warranty: 60 months

  • Battery 135 Ah- SC16054
    • Tubular technology
    • 135 AH capacity
    • Easy Maintenance
    • Thick plates tubes for high performance
    • Polythene separator for avoiding core short circuits

Price: 13,199 onwards. (Exclusive of Taxes)

Warranty: 54 months

  • Battery 150 Ah-PC18042
    • Tubular Plate technology
    • High levels of energy with robust performance
    • Best for heavily duties
    • Low maintenance cost

Price: 13,199 onwards. (Exclusive of Taxes)

Warranty: 54 months

  • Battery 180 Ah-ILTT24060
    • Tubular technology
    • Better charging capacity in less time with longer backup
    • Sealed plastic housing for high durability
    • Flexible oxidation resistant

Price: 17,999 onwards. (Exclusive of Taxes)

Warranty:60 months

  • Battery 150 Ah-IL16039FP
    • Sturdy design with low water loss
    • Enhanced Battery life
    • Thick plate means more power
    • Less charging times

Price: 11,099 onwards. (Exclusive of Taxes)

In addition to above, numerous types of batteries are available for all kind of home and business requirements and always ready to fulfill bulk orders.

Other products such as inverters and solar products are available in multiple variants and few of them with features are discussed for reference:

Solar Products:

  • Solar Panels:
    • Polycrystalline Panels:
      • Made up of silicone with crystals
      • Reflective appearance with good thickness level
      • Cheap product and suitable for less sunlight conditions
    • Monocrystalline Panels:
      • Single crystal silicone
      • Smooth texture
      • Less price
  • Solar UPS and inverters:
    • NXG: It is a hybrid solar inverter that uses solar energy, in absence of it, uses battery for charging.
    • NXT PCU: it provides inbuilt MPPT charge controller and suitable for solar applications.
    • Nxi Grid Tie: Converts DC power into AC which makes it best for heavy load areas.
  • Solar controller:
    • PWM controllers: used for solar battery charging and prevents overcharging.
    • Retrofits: Provides high usage of solar energy.
  • Solar Batteries:
    • L-Series: It offers long lasting battery backup, with 3 years of warranty.
    • H-Series: C10 rated batteries with 5 years of warranty.
  • Luminous Inverters:
    • Cruze:
      • Runs the Entire home with high backup support
      • High quality and reliable inverter for business applications
      • Suitable for sensitive equipment.
    • Pro UPS:
      • Digital display of battery and other statistics
      • MCB protection
      • Fast charging support

All the luminous products are trustworthy and worth every penny. Instant Customer support is available for the customer and well-trained operators help to solve the issues at the installed place within the same day of request raised.

Any product can be ordered online, and no delivery charges will be imposed on the order. Besides, the installation will be completed by the service provider and initial maintenance is provided at no cost.