Sewage Problems

Dealing with a sewage backup is one of the nastiest and worst jobs on the planet. But what is even more unfortunate is dealing with sewage backup problems in a home. Every year about three percent of Americans deal with sewage back up.

This number is rising annually as septic systems and processes age. Dealing with a sewage back up means dealing with a lot of nasty bacteria and moldy water. This is why if dealing with sewage it is best just to call sewage cleanup services Southern Connecticut. Here are a few reasons why you may need to call a sewage cleanup service.


There are a lot of complex safety problems that go along with having sewage back up into your home. Among these problems is the airborne illness hazard. Sewage creates a lot of bacterial spores that if breathed in can cause major problems. This airborne bacteria is especially hazardous to children and elderly adults whose immune system is more compromised. Along with that, sewage is often in liquid form.

This can cause damage and hazard to electrical systems as well as to furnaces and other household systems. So if any home has sewage backed up in it, it is important to evacuate anyone in the household and call for help. This will help ensure that no one gets sick from the backed-up sewage. This is why it is easiest and safest to just call a sewage restoration service.

Property Damage

Anytime that water, especially sewage water is involved there is likely to be some property damage. In order to reduce the amount of property damage that happens, it is important to call a restoration company. They have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to help fix the problem quickly before it is a big problem.

Property damage can occur to the sheetrock and surrounding carpet and floors if sewage is introduced to it. Along with that, any couches, paperwork, or other household items can be ruined. Often times, sewage recovery businesses have equipment that common everyday people don’t have to help recover some of that property.

The longevity of the Sewage Being There

It only takes 24 hours for sewage to start developing and spreading viruses and bacteria. So if a person knows that the sewage has been there for over 24 hours or is not sure how long the sewage has been in a house, then it is best to call in a sewage restoration service.

This will help ensure that the proper equipment and actions are used to help reduce the damage to the home and avoid anyone getting sick. Along with that, sewage restoration services can often help identify the problem and why sewage is in the home in the first place. Sewage restoration service guys are in the depths of sewage problems, so they also likely have some great suggestions for great plumbers to help out the homeowner in there time of need.


Sewage, although unseemingly, not a big deal, can be very harmful and a large safety hazard if it is not taken care of properly. This is why it is important for a homeowner to call in sewage cleanup services Southern Connecticut.

That way the sewage can be taken care of safely and properly to avoid any further issues. Along with that, a proper sewage restoration company can help save some of the property as well. Although there is sure to be some property damage, they have the equipment to help reduce the amount of property that is damaged. Sewage is not a fun thing to deal with.