5 Unique designs yet simple designs of solitaire engagement rings

The design of the engagement ring depends upon many factors like the type of gemstone, type of metal, nature of the pattern, etc. The unique factor of the engagement ring varies from one person to the other. The solitaire engagement rings feature a single diamond at the center. The uniqueness is achieved by adding colored diamonds,  replacing a diamond with other precious stones for the center stone, adding more color metal, selecting different colored metal, etc. Adding more and more details to the ring does not mean the only way to make it a unique style. We can achieve the uniqueness of the engagement ring through various simple designs. Many engagement ring designs are readily available, and the ring styles can also be customized.

Mixed color engagement ring with a double halo setting

In this design, choose a solitaire for a center stone, and surround it with a double halo setting. The colored diamonds can be used for the halo setting. Engagement rings in Hatton Garden available in different color sapphires, colored diamonds. You can choose a round solitaire or any other unique shapes like pearl, heart, oval, square, etc. Some people make the center stone colored and keeps the halo diamonds in white. As it has two halos, you can even select two different color diamonds or sapphires for halos.

Three stone engagement ring with double shank        

A diamond ring with three stones is always classic. But we can make this ring more unique by adding simple details to it like, making the center stone in an oval shape. The double shank setting looks more beautiful with three stone ring. You can make changes to the side stones by adding two pear-shaped diamonds. The side stones also made pop by choosing two different colored diamonds. A simple three oval-shaped ring with a thick metal band will also look simple and elegant.

Trio Baguette Diamond Ring

The Emerald cut gives the diamond a simple yet trendy look. You can keep the center diamond in emerald cut and with the other two baguette diamonds. The emerald cut looks mostly rectangle, and this is the beauty of the trio baguette engagement ring. If you want to add more details, you can add the band with some curvy designs. So it balances the angles in the ring. If you don’t want a diamond in the center, you can go for blue sapphire, and it looks equally beautiful.

Single stone ring with marquise cut diamond

The reason to choose the marquise cut diamond is, the marquise cut diamond will look bigger than any other diamond cut of a similar shape and carat. The elongated shape attracts people. If you select it with a single halo and a thin band, it looks elegant. To get the vintage look, you can also place the marquise-cut diamond in a horizontal position.

Emerald-cut diamonds with fern finish band

The Fern finish has a unique texture, and it adds beauty to the ring. Hatton gardens engagement rings provide stunning emerald cut diamonds in varied carat options.