Wide Variety of Career Opportunities offered by Paramedical Sciences

Paramedical Sciences refer to an allied Sciences branch. The goal of educating individuals in this field is to provide assistance to medical doctors. There are many paramedical science branches from occupational therapy, nursing, and speech therapy to physiotherapy and dental hygiene. Each branch has a different set of duties and responsibilities.

Both public and private university in Bhopal like MGU has several courses in Paramedical Sciences. Annually, many students enroll in these courses and graduate with successful employment letters. Where do these graduates work at? Let us find out some of the top Paramedical Sciences career options.

Paramedical Science Jobs

Paramedics: Paramedics are emergency medical professionals. This job profile is not the same as doctors or nurses or doctor’s assistants. Instead, paramedics work with doctors and nurses. Paramedics work in the field administering emergency care after analyzing what the injury is and the extent of it. They are also trained in first aid and they know how to use different medical equipment. It is due to the preliminary care of the paramedic, that doctors have an easier time taking care of the patients at the hospital. On average, one can expect to make INR 2,46,695 per annum as a paramedic.

Occupational Therapist: Occupational Therapists are experts who help people who have undergone major surgeries, recover. They will coach them or help them adapt to their daily lifestyles without any issues. The goal is to make the patient fully independent and use the stairs or other duties without any problems. The full range of duties of an Occupational Therapist does differ from hospital to hospital. Besides patient care, the Occupational Therapist will also prepare reports, review progress, and communicate with the patient’s family. Most OTs make annual salaries of INR 3,90,884 LPA.

Physiotherapist: Paramedical Sciences course graduates can also apply to work as a Physiotherapist. Physiotherapists are professionals who help in the movement and rehabilitation of patients. Generally, patients who are aged, have sustained injuries or have undergone surgery or disease require physiotherapists. Physiotherapists work with patients over an extended period of time till they deem it necessary with their patients. To work in this job profile, one must have a master’s degree in a related discipline along with a bachelor’s in Paramedical Science. Most recruiters offer salaries of INR 3,05,452 LPA.

Sales Manager: Paramedical companies or companies that manufacture equipment and other products for paramedical science experts require professionals to sell their products. This is where a Sales Manager comes into the picture. They could be given the responsibility of a particular region or area where they will concentrate their efforts on. To promote sales, they will approach hospitals or nursing homes. One must have strong communication and negotiation abilities to better perform their duties. The average salary of INR 4,83,175 PA for a Sales Manager depends largely on the scope of responsibilities.

Speech Therapist: Speech Therapists are also known as Speech Pathologists. They work with patients in treating speech disorders. From adults to kids, Speech Therapists will help them achieve fluency and remove any abnormalities in speech. These individuals are trained in different speech disorders and how to treat them. Speech Therapists work on a long-term basis with their patients till specific goals are achieved. Thereafter, they will continue making follow-ups and tracking the progress of the patient. Speech Therapists can earn around INR 3,06,703 PA.

Medical Laboratory Technician: Laboratories are a place where multiple things are being done at the same time. Therefore, to help tackle the daily duties, laboratory technicians are hired. Medical Laboratory Technicians collect samples, prepare equipment for experiments, analyse the samples etc. Thereafter, they will store the samples and prepare reports on their findings. Medical Laboratory Technicians work under the guidance of a senior at the laboratory. It is also the responsibility of the Medical Laboratory Technician to maintain set standards and guidelines. As per online reports, this role has an average salary of INR 2,48,288 PA.

Medical Advisor: Medical Advisors are experts who spend their time training and educating people on different medical equipment and products. They usually work for specific medical production companies or for institutes. It is the role of the Medical Advisor to train the medical sales team so that they can help sell their assigned products better. The advisor will also work in close contact with the research team gathering enough information on the produced goods and products. The Medical Advisor can also work with movies and television shows advising them on medical procedures on show on the screen. While dispensing their duties, Medical Advisors will earn INR 5,40,000 PA.

Nursing: Nursing is another popular job avenue for paramedical science graduates. The paramedical science workforce includes the allied health workers, as mentioned above, that help the doctors, nurses also come into the picture. Nurses take care of the patient in the absence of the doctors and help them recover after the operations are done. University in Bhopal and India train future nurses on how to administer drugs, take temperature, change bandages and bedside manners. Nurses can work with just a bachelor’s or a diploma degree however they can choose to continue their education and earn around INR 2,87,739 PA.

Midwife: Midwives work exclusively with pregnant women. They typically are involved in both pre-natal and post-natal or after delivery of the baby period. The midwife will prepare the patient for the delivery and provide advice on how to take care of the baby. This is an important role that provides support to women and also provides recommendations to doctors, if necessary. Midwives work with hospitals, nursing homes, birthing centres and also at the patient’s homes. Midwives are especially necessary for high-risk pregnancies to make sure the baby is healthy and safe. The salary for midwives varies according to where they work but they make around salaries of INR 7,48,317 PA.

Dental Hygienist: Dental Hygienists work with dental clinics and clean up patients’ teeth. This role is primarily associated with taking care of the oral hygiene of people. However, the dental hygienist will also help with sealants, and x-rays and look for dental diseases. The work they assist with is more of preventive care for their patients. Dental Hygienists work with patients of all ages. They need to work at building trust and fostering relationships with their patients. Having empathy and good listening skills is a must for this role. Most Dental Hygienists earn an average salary of INR 2,50,252 PA.

There are many Paramedical Science courses in India. Depending on the concentration, the scope of jobs changes greatly along with the salary scope. Interested students would face no dearth of opportunities once enrolled in a Paramedical Science course.