How can a BBA degree lead you in career aspirations?  

Introduction to BBA

Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA) is one of the finest undergraduate degrees for young professionals pursuing the commerce stream. BBA is a comprehensive commerce course that covers fields like law, administration, management, and business operations.

BBA graduates enter the job market with some of the most in-demand skills. The course is specially designed to both prepare a professional class of workers who can enter the lower level of an enterprise and seasoned undergrads who can go further in their educational careers and get a masters in their desired field.

Life After BBA

BBA is a 3-year undergraduate degree. Students from the commerce stream generally opt for the degree right after completing high school. Those who enter the degree generally use it as a base to garner relevant credentials before moving ahead with their education.

Perks of pursuing education after a BBA degree:

  • Improving your managerial skills and theoretical knowledge.
  • Pursuing expertise in the field.
  • Get the coveted master’s credential on your portfolio.
  • Opting for a much more suitable path after BBA.

Perks of pursuing a career after a BBA degree:

  • Entering the job field as a young candidate.
  • Rising the ranks of a seasoned company.
  • Expanding your skills and knowledge through work experience.

How To Get Ahead in Life After a BBA Degree

You might have heard that it will all be well if you just complete your undergraduate degree. But in reality, your life starts after your undergraduate degree. Many students exit the world of periodical exams and lazy sleepovers and enter the world of cutthroat competition and endless struggles. Thankfully for BBA degree holders the chances are that your struggles will be limited and that you will be able to get a job or a postgraduate degree in management from the MBA colleges in Mumbaisoon after your graduation. Nonetheless, here’s how you can plan your life after completing your BBA:

1. Start looking for a job

Even if you don’t want to start your career right away, it is recommended that you start fielding job offers from companies you want to work with. The best-case scenario is you will get interviews that will train you in knowing exactly what the companies looking for. The more interviews and screening processes you go throw, the better your resume and applying skills will get. This builds character and prepares you for the road ahead, which will include plenty of interviews and job offers.

2. Join an internship

Get an internship while you are in your final year or soon after graduation. Studies are great, but nothing matches work experience. Getting an unpaid internship is valuable early on in your career. Both job employers and colleges appreciate candidates with an internship. Although most internships are paid, some are unpaid. It is advised to be prepared for both and weigh the learning experience over the paycheck.

3. Strengthen your network

Networking is a professional relationship-building exercise that positions you in a group of people who are working in the same avenue as you. Active networking is beneficial for everyone. Surrounding yourself with growth-oriented people is one of the smartest things you can do early on in your career. You have plenty of options to branch out as well by reaching out to graduates from other management colleges in Mumbai. Like any other relationship, networking requires persistent effort and favors. Be sure to extend the courtesies — because they shall be returned.

4. Get a mentor

The trademark of a true professional is that they never stop learning and improving their skill set. Soon after completing your BBA, you’ll be left rudderless in a sea of options. Whether the choice is about a career or educational degree, you’ll remain puzzled and will need a hand to guide you out. The best way to deal with the choices is to get a seasoned mentor who can guide you through the choppy waters.

5. Don’t splurge on your budget

Regardless of whatever you are making, now is not the time to take the foot off the paddle. The early years of your career should be all about sticking to a strict budget and shaving off expenses. Continue making adjustments in the early days, and you’ll be in a great position down the lane.

6. Work on your social media presence

Social media is an essential way to present yourself in society. Most recruiters scan through your social media in the screening layer of hiring. There’s no requirement to dance in reels or share poems every day. You just need to be active and formal in your grid. It is recommended that you protect your social media image.

7. Experiment with your career

This is a great time to find out what you actually want to do and commit to it for six months. Six months is a time that will pass anyway, but if you discover your true calling, it will be the best thing ever. Since BBA is a general degree, there are many avenues that can be pursued after completing the degree. Instead of going with the grain, invest some time in something you really want to pursue. You may never get another shot at this.

8. Plan ahead

Whether it’s a job or a degree, it is important to carefully plan your life ahead and proceed accordingly. It is smart to think beforehand, so you can have enough time to manage contingencies. There are a plethora of things that you can do, and execution requires attention to the moment. So make a roadmap that you can follow as you navigate your post-BBA life.

In Conclusion,

A BBA is a great way to start your career. And there are many BBA colleges in Mumbai that not only provide you with a degree but help transform you with an all-around approach. A multitude of options opens up for graduates. While it may seem like there’s a lot of time at hand, there really isn’t. This is a great eight-step plan to get your career on track after your BBA degree.