What You Should Know About API or Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients 

What You Should Know About API or Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients 

API or Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients production has become extremely popular in India in recent days. Pharma companies need support from API companies to meet the increased demand for medicine supplies at present. For new medicine business owners, it is better to get information about API, its use, production process, guidelines etc. Let’s get into the article’s depth to know more about it.

What Is API?

The API or Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients refer to the biologically active components of a drug that is used to provide the intended effect. These drug products include medicated cream, tablets or injectable objects. Using certain chemical compounds, the manufacturer produces APIs. 

The ongoing cases of chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma and cancer have created incredible opportunities in the API market, even having high market prices, critical drug-controlling processes and regulatory policies from the government. You will generally find the name and amount of active ingredients used in OTC medicine on its label. 

How APIs Are Produced?

Many API exporters in Kolkata are becoming popular due to their production of active pharmaceutical ingredients. They are following strict manufacturing processes to deliver quality products to a large number of business owners. Previously, the APIs were produced in foreign countries by all the Pharma companies. Still, companies have started outsourcing it from other countries to cut costs and maintain its optimum quality. Some important points of API production are listed below:

  • In API production, the raw materials are converted into APIs. 
  • The selection of raw materials depends on chemistry and chemical reactions. 
  • Using various recovery methods, loop and batch reactors, the conversion process is done.
  • The recovery methods include crystallisation, filtration, distillation, and membranes which require close attention to quality control checks, compliance and guidelines from the authority. 

The Mandatory Guidelines that the Manufacturer Follows When Making APIs

One should follow the same quality and safety standards for producing APIs. Not every company can produce and supply APIs until they get a proper licence from a concerned government authority. The regulations related to API are continuously developing, so manufacturers need to update themselves with the requisite API regulation benchmarks. 

The API is needed to provide the intended impact for curing the particular health concern. For example, in crocin, the API is paracetamol which is given according to the required dosage amount that offers relief from fever and body aches. Crocin is a single API dose drug that only uses one API drug, while the fixed-dose combination drug can use different APIs. 

What is the Strength of API?

The API manufacturer determines the specific standard depending on the required strength of the drug. The level of measure of API concentration may also vary depending on different brands. Whatever the companies’ test tactics, the FDA requires all the companies to prove their proficiency along with the lab conditions. 


These are all about the API’s definition, production process, and strength. The use of API is at an increasing rate. You should first find reliable api suppliers in india who follows the FDA guidelines and produces an API. However, in case you have any questions or concerns about the medication, you can request a consultant for better guidance.