What To Look When Searching For Transcription Company

A quick Google search for transcription companies will bring up thousands of results, including services providers from all parts of the world. This poses a big challenge, how to decide on the right transcription services UK. Through, this blog post, we’re going to solve your problem by putting forth a quick list of things to tick when seeking for a transcription service provider, so scroll down and have a look: –

The Turnaround Time

If you belong to an industry such as IT where meeting deadlines are the stepping stones to success, then you need to entrust a transcription agency that adheres to the strict deadlines. Although some companies charge a few pounds extra for the rushed services, others have a quick turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours, because of their team of transcription experts. You need to discuss this aspect well-before inking a contract with them to be your company’s transcription partner.


Next on the list is the accuracy factor, if you’re planning to expand your business beyond the boundaries of English speaking company, then you need to find a reliable translation company to convert your websites and other documents into the new language. It is highly recommended to find someone native, so that the transcripted documents are in line with the target audience, and connect with them to win over their trust. So, the majority of the transcription companies have a specific return period for doing the correction work.


Pricing is another key factor that you just cannot overlook when hiring a transcription service provider. If you have a continuous stream of documents, then contract someone who is willing to offer the transcription services below the market, but without comprising on the quality of work. It is highly advisable to obtain more than one quote, weigh them with regards to the level of service in order to make the best decision.


It is best to entrust a transcription service provider who is willing to sign a contract with your company, which is the non-disclosure agreement. This means that they will maintain the confidentiality of your company’s critical data, and won’t share it with any third-party company. Moreover, they won’t list the services they provided to you under their portfolio.

Qualified Team

Last on the list, the most crucial aspect to look at when hiring a transcription company is whether they have a highly experienced team of professionals for the transcription job or not. Inquire this detail from your transcription provider before hiring.

If you’ve someone in your know who have recently availed the transcription services, ask them for their first-hand experience and recommendations. Their help will let you hire the best in the market for your company’s global growth.