Taurus T4 Rifle – Learn About the Main Features

Check out the review of the T4 Taurus rifle and find out who can purchase this product. The manufacturer Taurus Armas is the largest in the industry and, with the new decree signed by the president this year, the T4 rifle became well known. Do you know how the T4 rifle works? Do you know who can buy it?

In this article we will talk about the main features of the product and do a review of the T4 rifle. Check out!

How does the T4 rifle work?

Launched in 2017, the Taurus T4 rifle is part of the “T Series” tactical rifle range. The product was developed for high performance, following safety and quality standards.

The manufacturer Taurus Armas based this weapon on the M4 / M16 platform, well known to the military. One of the main characteristics of the T4 rifle is the option of 3 operating modes: Safe, Semi and Automatic.

Armament is known for being light, reliable and easy to maintain. In addition, it has high firepower.

It can be found in two more versions besides the traditional one: the T4 A1, with polymer handrail and the A2 with aluminum protection, both have models  with 11.5 ” and 14.5” pipes.

Main features of the T4 rifle

To understand how the T4 rifle works, we will highlight the main features of the product. Check out the review of the T4 Taurus rifle:

  • The Taurus T4 rifle has a 5.56 NATO caliber and a capacity for 30 cartridges. Its barrel is 292.1 mm and allows the attachment of various accessories.
  • Features of the T4 rifle include an ergonomic grip, flame breaker and telescopic stock.
  • In automatic mode, the cadence can reach 650 to 900 rounds per minute.
  • The gun has a weight of 3,275kg with a magazine. The total length reaches 811 mm with an extended stock and the height with loader 258 mm; the width is 67mm.

You can use AR15 magazine loader video for this rifle as well.

Who can buy the Taurus T4 rifle?

You already know that to buy firearms in Brazil it is necessary to have the possession of weapons and only the permitted use models can be purchased by ordinary citizens.

The authorities went back and banned the purchase of rifles by the population, that is, everything continues as before: weapons of this size are for restricted use, allowed only for the Armed Forces, for example.