What to do After a Pedestrian Accident?

Roadways are not safe for anyone accessing them, whether drivers or pedestrians. Traffic accidents that involve pedestrians claim hundreds of lives every year worldwide. Various factors are responsible for pedestrian accidents – driving/walking under the influence of alcohol, failing to comply with traffic rules, extreme weather conditions that may hamper visibility, etc.

Whatever the reason, you must know what steps to follow immediately after getting in an accident as a pedestrian or witnessing a pedestrian get involved in one. An experienced Jackson, WY personal injury lawyer can help you if you find yourself in an accident as a pedestrian.

Steps you must follow after a pedestrian accident:

Involvement in an accident of any kind can have severe repercussions on the well-being of an individual. They may suffer psychological issues in addition to medical trauma. In such a situation it is critical to know the steps you must take if you are involved in a pedestrian accident.

It is highly likely that you are knocked unconscious or are in a state of shock after being hit, but if you are aware of your surroundings and have the strength, you must remember the following to protect yourself and your rights.

  1. Seek medical help:

The very first step is to seek medical aid. Even if you suffer no obvious injuries, it is highly recommended to be fully examined by a trained healthcare worker to rule out any internal damage. A proper health record will be useful if a legal case is filed. Until medical help arrives, attempt to take stock of all the injuries you think you have suffered. Report all of these to the medical staff as accurately as possible.

  1. Contact police:

The next step is to contact the police authorities. At this stage, it is crucial to ensure that the driver and other witnesses are still present at the scene. In addition to your testimony, their versions of the accident are equally important. Recount every detail you remember as you may forget the nuances later.

  1. Gather evidence from the driver:

Attempt to get at least basic information of the driver who hit you – their name, their vehicle’s license plate number, and contact number. If possible, take the contact information of some witnesses too.

  1. Document the accident:

Take pictures of the scene of the accident and the nearby surroundings including buildings, traffic signals and signs etc. As soon as it is possible, write all the details you remember. This will significantly help your legal case if you choose to file one.

  1. Get in touch with an attorney:

Contact an attorney to deal with the high chance of the driver’s insurance company denying any claims you file. An attorney will guide you on how you can fight legally to claim compensation for the damage caused to you.