What is MEA attestation?

Being the responsible citizen of the country, the person needs to have a list of documents that will act as proof. This is the reason the Ministry of external affairs that is the one body of the central government of India is responsible for all the documents that are issued to the Indian citizen in the respect of their foreign affairs. Every person needs to have the apostille attestation of documents so that it can help in accessing the further process of legal documentation in foreign countries. 

Some people go through the process of MEA attestation which is a both complicated and time-consuming process in comparison to the apostille attestation. But there are some of the services provides that provide the best services and assistance to the person throughout the complete process of attestation.

MEA attestation is a process in which the documents are verified by the Ministry of the External Affairs. It is the part of the central government that takes care of all the things related to the foreign countries. Hence any person that wants to establish any type of business in a foreign country might need some of the documents that have mea attestation. This will prove the genuineness of the person and in case of any problem External Affairs department to is also responsible for it. 

This attestation is very important for different reasons which include the resident visa, student visa, or any type of work visa, even for undertaking any business activity in a foreign country, or people seeking for employment in foreign countries needs MEA attestation documents. These documentations are necessary for applying for a visa in the countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Turkey, etc. the attestation is provided on the documents like birth certificate, degree certificate, marriage certificate, etc.

If the person is going out from the country for pursuing any degree of a job there, then he might require a student via of that country. For this, the person requires to get the educational certificate attestation from the central government department. This will prove the authenticity of your existing educational certificates. For getting this certification, the person needs to bring some of the necessary documents from the government department like HRD, notary, etc. this is how the procedure of degree certificate attestation has proceeded.

To get the MEA attestation, the whole process is divided into different stages of authentication. The procedure is listed below:

  • Regional attestations: This is the initial stage of a certificate authentication procedure. The level of legalization is done by the university or the Notary.
  • State attestations: In this, the legalization of certificates is done at the state level that involves different department work. Some of the departments included for attestation are State Home Department (SHD), Human Resource Department (HRD), and Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM). All of them perform the task of verification.
  • MEA attestation: This is the last step of authentication that is done by the central government with MEA stamps or stickers are applied on the documents. 

This is how the whole MEA attestation is done and the further proceeding for the foreign visa can be done.