Web.com Reviews Explores How to Get More Social Media Followers

Whether you are a solo influencer or a small business, more social media followers translate into added reach for your products, services, or content. According to Web.com Reviews, irrespective of who you are, you can’t ignore social media in 2020. Here are some organic ways to get more social media followers:

The Ways

1. Consistency and commitment – Most social media algorithms want you to be regular. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. Your content gets pushed when you post regularly and frequently. It is also a good way to keep your brand image relevant to your followers. If you post once or twice a week, that is going to get lost in the thousands or millions of posts that make it to the social media feed of each of your followers.

2. Know and respond to your market – People aren’t really interested in your opinion about games unless you are a video game reviewer. Similarly, they don’t want to know what made it to your plate in the morning unless you are a food blogger. The most organic way of social media marketing is to cater to the right content to the right people.

Your goal should be about informing your market about whatever they expect from you as a business or content creator. If you run out of ideas, a picture or video with puppies is always there to save the day.

3. Messages should be formatted depending on the Network – While all the social media websites have some similarities, most of them have their own rules, algorithms, and designs. Hence, you can’t expect something to work on Facebook or Instagram if it worked on Twitter or LinkedIn. For instance, even if you post 20 times a day on Twitter, you aren’t going to disturb the peace. However, the same frequency will make you look desperate and obnoxious on Facebook.

4. Add Social Media Buttons – Each and every social media channel you own can be used to gain more followers on other platforms. Thus, it is a good idea to use social media buttons that link to your respective channels, everywhere possible. It should be on your website, as a signature on your emails and of course on the social media channels bio and description. 

5. Follow other influencers and promote their content – There are several resources available online to hunt down influencers in your area. Whether you are an influencer yourself or a brand, you know how important they are in social media marketing. You should follow their account and share their content. Hopefully, they would do the same and both of you can have a mutually beneficial outcome.


Web.com Reviews suggest that you follow the above-mentioned tips to grow your social media following instead of paying for it. While paying is easy and quick, it is unsustainable in the long run and may leave you with thousands or millions of inactive unengaged bots in your list of followers.