What’s the Best Vape Pen for CBD?

Perhaps you vape regularly but just with nicotine flavoured vape juice, or perhaps you are new to vaping entirely, but you’ve decided that you’d now like to vape cannabis extract – CBD (as in the UK we still can’t vape the real stuff!) Questions you may ask, do you need a specific cannabis vape pen do that? What sort of cannabis vape pen should I get? Does it depend on the type of cannabis flavoured vape juice I get? What is the best cheap vape pen option in the UK? Well, hopefully this article will answer some of those questions for you.

When vaping CBD you have two choices – you can either vape CBD e liquids (or you can vape stronger CBD vape oils. The first type are most similar to what you would vape normally if vaping nicotine and is made up of the same PG/VG base, but rather than nicotine this is blended with hemp extract and terpenes. CBD e liquids are weaker than CBD vape oils due to being more heavily diluted. CBD vape oils are more concentrated and therefore stronger. CBD vape oils on the other hand are just made from the undiluted extract, extracted from hemp and is not mixed with additional dillutants.

So, the first decision you need to make is which type of CBD will you be vaping as this will determine the type of vape pen – if you are looking for more of an everyday smoke I’d suggest a CBD e liquid cartridge and if you are looking for more of an occasional, harder hit – a CBD vape oil cart.

Vaping CBD e liquids

Vaping a CBD e liquid cartridge is very similar to vaping non-CBD in terms of the liquid’s consistency and so you can use a similar vaping device. If you are already a vaper and are partial to your existing vape device, I’d suggest buying a bottle of CBD e liquid and filling up the canister of what you already use. If you are new to the vaping world, there are two types of vape pens for sale to pick from – either a disposable or a non-disposable. If it’s your first time trying CBD and so are potentially just dipping your toe in to see if you like it, a disposable would be the best cheap vape pen option (and this will come either already connected to or with a more limited choice of CBD cartridge.

However, if you then like and want to keep vaping CBD or are planning to be vaping CBD on an ongoing basis from the outset, whilst a disposable might feel like a cheap vape pen option at first, over time this does add up and will become more expensive so it is best to invest in something more longer term upfront. Plus, there are all the environmental implications of chucking out your disposable vape pen each time you finish using it.  In terms of the choice for reusable vape pens for sale in the UK, you will most likely be picking between a pod or a 510 thread battery. Personally, I’d go with the 510 thread as it will give you much more choice of CBD cartridges to pick from (strength, flavour, capacity) whereas the pod system is often limited to the pods sold by that specific brand.

Vaping CBD vape oil

Everything I have just said in terms of a reusable vape pen is applicable for vaping CBD oil, but CBD vape oil is a lot more viscous and sticky a substance than CBD e liquid and so you need to be sure that the vape pen you get is powerful enough to heat up this thicker liquid. If you go this route then you should be looking for a CBD oil vape pen with pre-heat functionality (so it can warm up the oil prior to vaping for a better taste and vape experience) and variable voltage setting (so that you know it has a high enough setting to be able to heat up the oil). 

If you don’t know or can’t pick between vaping e liquids or cbd vape oil – I’d suggest getting a CBD vape pen that gives you the ability to do both. The Paso 510 thread vape battery is a brilliant and cheap vape pen option – it works for e liquids and comes with all the functionality needed to smoke more concentrated distillate CBD carts.