Understanding The Workplace Drug Testing Standards in Australia

Employers can control health and safety hazards in the workplace by regularly testing for drugs and alcohol. These tests are usually done randomly but others give this as an optional decision for their workers. That is why before you buy any drug testing kit and take the test, you must keep in mind the Australian laws for drug and alcohol testing.

Drug Testing Standard in Australia

Currently, there is no standard practice to test for drugs and alcohol at work. The WHS Act of 2011, says that employers have the right to get rid of or control the risks of drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace. There are different standards here when it comes to testing for drugs and alcohol at work. However, there are guidelines about how to handle specimens, proper disposal, and reporting.

When To Test for Drugs In The Workplace

If you are working or planning to work in a dangerous environment you’ll be checked for drug use, both legal and illegal, as well as other vices. This includes alcohol and tobacco. Those who work in the military, aviation, the police force, as well as mining are the most commonly checked for drug and alcohol use regularly.

Even though testing for drugs and alcohol may only be appropriate in a range of different work environments, it is absolutely necessary for jobs that involve the safety not only of the employees but of the people that surround them. Anyone can be put in danger by the improper use of drugs and alcohol at work.

Buying Drug Test Kits Online

It is now easier to buy drug testing kits online. However, you have to remember that you must only purchase from a trusted source in Australia. You can visit https://ozdrugtesting.com.au/ if you are looking to buy drug testing kits. Oz Drug Tests is a trusted and reputable Australian company that sells testing kits made for testing drug use in Australia. They have available test kits for urine, saliva, and alcohol proven to deliver quick and accurate results. You only need five minutes and you’re done with your test.

Drug Testing At Home or in the Workplace

As an employee in Australia, you must be aware of your rights when it comes to drug testing. This is also important for companies and organizations to understand. Drug testing can be done at home or at the workplace, depending on what’s required by the company that you are working for.

Also when testing employees, employers must be fully aware of their rights and what is the proper way of testing. That goes the same for the worker. It is very important to expect regular drug and alcohol testing especially if you are working in a hazardous environment.