4 Motorhome Renovation Tips

Let’s face it, not all motorhomes have been lovingly cared for by the original owners. Some were lovingly watched over and meticulously worked on, then some have been neglected and left to decay. When the time for a renovation comes around, some people’s approach is to gut the entire thing, strip it down to its very frame, and start from scratch.

While this can be effective, it is not necessarily the best or most cost-efficient way to tackle a restoration, especially when you’re on a budget. There is, however, a way to give your motorhome a new lease on life with very little expense, and that involves simplifying the interior of your RV.

1.    Simplify the Interior to the Minimum

The first step of a renovation is to strip all the unnecessary items out of your RV. Then, you can proceed to remove anything and everything that encumbers you from enjoying your motorhome as much as possible. As a general rule, there are two ways in which you can simplify the interior of your motorhome; simplifying it or maximizing it. When reducing, keep in mind that less is usually more concerning interior accessories and features.

1) The absolute minimum amount of furniture and appliances should be retained; nothing more than what’s necessary for basic living necessities such as sleeping and eating.

2) To maximize your RV’s interiors, you should use removable wall panels to create specific spaces and create more storage.

2. Purchasing an RV

If you’re like many RVers, then you probably recently purchased or inherited your first motorhome. This means that if you plan to keep it for the long term, you will want to make sure that it is taken care of properly.

If you want a new motorhome, then look into resale companies that specialize in selling used RVs; to make the most use of the summer, you will also need to get a quote today for financing your purchase.

3.    Install Solar Panels

While the initial expense of installing solar panels may be well beyond your budget, it is an investment that can yield a good return over time. The main reason you should consider installing solar panels is to save money on fuel and propane in the long run. Solar panels also help you get free power for as long as there is sunlight.

In many cases, people install solar panels to supplement their existing power requirements but not replace them entirely. For example; if your RV has two 100W solar panels, they can provide up to 100W of energy each day (depending on the weather conditions). This isn’t a lot when compared to some larger RVs which can have up to six 300W solar panel sets.

4.    Use The Correct Storage Containers

Commonly, you use round tins and containers at home. However, in an RV where every inch is precious, using rectangle and square storage containers will make the best use of all the available space. Rectangular containers are better suited for corners and narrow spaces whereas square containers can be stacked on top of each other. Some people prefer to get specialized storage containers that fit between the RV’s walls.

While the idea of a renovation can be daunting, the savings it will give you is worth it. You can always redecorate your motorhome’s interior at any time while it’s still on the road.