Understanding The Most Popular Uses of Ribbons

Ribbons are commonly used to decorate crafts, flower arrangements, and sewing projects and can also be used as ornaments if carefully shaped or placed in desired areas. They can be cut or woven, but there are many variations in texture, width, and color in these two categories.

Hair bow

Hair bow making has been breaking onto the fashion scene since early 2010. You are sure to see a girl, toddler, or baby with a hair bow wherever you go. Well, as you speak, hair ties are getting more and more fashionable. Depending on your taste, hair ties are made up of many ribbons, from patterned grosgrain to silk ribbons. The best part about hair ties is that they are versatile too!

Awareness ribbons

Now the tape is used for all kinds of causes. Name a cause! Whether it’s for diabetes, breast cancer awareness, or AIDS awareness, there will be a ribbon with an associated color for that cause. And women often wear yellow ribbons in symbolic representation of ongoing trials or tribulations.

Fashion lining

Another way that tape is used is in high fashion. You may have heard of haute couture on the runway or known as “haute couture.” Well, many famous designers often use ribbon by the metre as components of these fashion styles. One such item is the pettiskirt. A pettiskirt is a skirt made in chiffon, often with bold colors and many layers. These pettiskirts often have a bow at the front made from matching colored ribbon or have a ribbon lining at the hem of the skirt.


In awareness ribbons, the ribbon is often used to symbolize significant events. The ribbon is a great comfort at a wedding. With little touches of ribbon here and there, your wedding can look charming and feel special. As weddings become more popular and expensive, it’s challenging to keep costs down. But at least the tape is still cheap! You can put a ribbon on the backs of your guests’ chairs to create a charming and elegant look for the whole ceremony.

And a recent trend has emerged, making a new use for the tape. Couples are now featuring ribbons on their wedding cakes. You can go around each bottom of the wedding cake or have the ribbon cover the cake for a sophisticated yet charming look.


Recently, the ribbon has appeared in more and more jewelry stores. You will see more and more shops and kiosks with cute and elegant jewelry hanging from a ribbon. The ribbon is usually thinner and has collar closures at its ends.