The Job Of A Technical Writer

Technical communication is an interdisciplinary professional field. Technical writers have competencies from different areas.

Communication, languages ​​and culture: This area requires, among other things, linguistic skills, a secure command of the language and skills for target group-oriented communication, knowledge of terminology, intercultural understanding and knowledge of multilingual workflows and translation and for training one can visit

Content and media: The technical writer needs skills to research information, to develop use-case and target group-based multimedia content, to structure and visualize content and to prepare content adapted to the different media. In addition, there is pedagogical and didactic knowledge, media skills and knowledge of legal and normative requirements for the content.

Products, technology and technologies: Technical writers have a general understanding of technology and industry-specific product knowledge. In addition, they have knowledge of a wide variety of media and information technologies as well as the ability to use specialized software tools.

Technical editors are specially trained and qualified specialists who create all kinds of information about a wide variety of technical products:

Operating instructions, e.g. for smartphones

Online help, e.g. for software

Assembly and maintenance instructions, e.g. for industrial plants

Instructions for use, e.g. for medical devices

Digital on-board manuals, e.g. for automobiles

Technical writers have many different and varied tasks:

  • Develop concepts for layout and design
  • Define naming and writing rules
  • Analyze the use of technologies and research information
  • Create precise and easily understandable content, such as texts, graphics, videos, …
  • Develop multimedia content
  • Pay attention to the requirements of your target group and intercultural differences
  • Take into account legal and normative requirements, ensure safe product use with warning notices
  • Define content strategies and manage the content
  • Develop information architectures and structure the content in a meaningful way
  • Manage information development projects and control the responsible service providers
  • Coordinate translations into the various target languages
  • Localize content to the cultural and country-specific conditions
  • Responsible for the correctness of the information
  • Check quality and compliance with the specified standards
  • Publish product information using various modern media

Usage information

Management: Technical writers have organizational, planning and management skills, for example to handle information development projects and manage content. In addition, they know the principles of quality management. Employees in management positions also need leadership skills and knowledge of corporate management.Working in technical communication means interdisciplinarity in a team and close cooperation with other company areas such as product development or marketing – often also internationally.