Trendy Travel Destinations in India to Explore with friends

Trendy Travel Destinations in India to Explore with friends

We spend some of our best moments with our friends, whether in school, college or anywhere else. The unfiltered fun and banter we have with our besties always become a part of our memories. Whenever we feel low, we get straight to our friends to uplift our mood. Every group of friends dreams of travelling together and exploring beautiful places. While everyone is equally excited about the trip, it rarely becomes a reality, but not anymore. It is time for you to explore terrific destinations with your friends to strengthen your bond. 

We have handpicked some amazing destinations to give the whole group magnificent memories. Here are the top destinations to visit with your friends and have fun.


Goa is a destination where every friend of yours will love to go. Goa has been the ideal destination for friends to have fun and strengthen their bond for years. The carefree and modern vibes of Goa are perfect for your besties to express themselves and enjoy their time. Travel holiday packages in Goa are in high demand amongst groups and friends because of the vast variety of things people can do. Spending time on the beach and playing some beach games is a great fun activity.

If you want to get some thrills, you can try various adventure activities with your friends. The best part about trying adventure activities with your friends is that you feel less worried and get motivated by each other. The foodie in your group will love Goa as Goan cuisine is lip-smacking good.


Ladakh’s beautiful and unbelievable landscapes become more mesmerising when you visit the destination with your friends. Ladakh has every element that you wish to see with your friends. The calming monasteries and pleasant weather make Ladakh a soothing destination. Witnessing the Pangong Lake with your friends is a surreal experience as the view is just majestic. You can go for adventurous activities like biking and trekking with your friends to explore Ladakh more vividly. A road trip to Ladakh will be the perfect way to explore the location and spend quality time with your friends. 

The friends can also click some memorable pictures as every destination in Ladakh is a perfect backdrop.


Kerala is a magnificent place to visit with friends, as it ticks all the boxes. If you want beaches, you get it; you want terrific landscapes, you get it; you want charming backwaters, you will also get it in Kerala. The group can enjoy the wonders of nature and witness the scintillating culture and tradition of Kerala. Kerala holiday package serves everyone and gives everyone reminiscing memories. There are various temples in Kerala, so if you want to gain spiritual consciousness, Kerala is the way for it. The cuisine in Kerala is also filled with flavours and unique dishes that you cannot resist yourself. 

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman and Nicobar Islands has emerged as destination for pure fun. There isn’t much crowd in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, so you and your friends can explore the place more freely and enjoy a calming environment. The sea life in Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a treat to the eyes as it is a refreshing and unique experience. The beaches on the island are so captivating that the group can spend hours on the beach.

Water activities in Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the natural attractions as the group can try snorkelling, scuba diving and much more to enjoy the vacation.


Darjeeling is the perfect location to provide you with calmness and soothing peace. Almost all travel locations are filled with noise, disturbance and massive crowds, which sometimes overpower the beauty of the place and ruin the entire trip. Darjeeling is quite an underrated travel destination, and that’s the beauty of the place. Spending peaceful and relaxing time with your friends is the best way to forget all your worries and stress. 

Darjeeling serves as the ideal place as trailing through the tea plantations and enjoying the aroma of the tea is a surreal experience. The view of the gigantic Himalayas is just breathtaking, and there are various mountains that you can trek to see amazing views of the place. Darjeeling Travel packages allow you to observe nature’s majesty closely, and the toy train is a great way to enjoy nature’s gift.

There are tons of locations in India that provide a majestic experience to travellers. You can make the trip more memorable by planning a trip with your friends and exploring the location together. Things done with friends are quite fun, so imagine how enthralling travelling with friends will be.