How to check in for Avianca Flight

How to check in for Avianca Flight

Planning to fly with Avianca Flight? Here are some of the best ways to check-in with Avianca flight. These facts will clear your doubts and give you a clear insight about the process of the check-in.

If you adhere to the policies, procedures, and deadlines and have all required travel documents ready, checking in with Avianca should be simple. You will learn about Avianca airlines check in policy .

What is the check in policy for Avianca

The Avianca Check-in Policy describes the steps involved in the check-in process. You should include the precise timings and rules you must abide by.

Here we will explain how to get your boarding card and how to check in using several channels, such as the internet or the airport. This policy makes sure you have all the details required for an easy Avianca Airlines check-in process.

The following are important things to remember while booking an Avianca Airlines reservation:

  • You need to have a confirmed reservation with Avianca Airlines in order to enroll in check-in.
    To check in for an Avianca Airlines flight, you will need your reservation number and last name as stated on the booking.
  • You must check in on time, which is 45 minutes before the planned departure for domestic flights and 60 minutes before the scheduled departure for international flights, in accordance with Avianca’s check-in policy.
  • If the flight is canceled in accordance with Avianca’s cancellation policy, you will not be permitted to check in.
    Additional confirmations could be required to check in if your reservation involves specific services.

Check in Policy for International Flight

The guidelines for international travel with Avianca Airlines are the same as those for domestic travel, with the exception of check-in timings. Online check-in for international travel to and from the USA and Canada opens 24 hours in advance, and if you choose to check in at the airport, you must finish it 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of international flights. You must also bring valid passports and visas for international travel.

At the airport counters, check-in is done directly. To guarantee that you don’t miss an Avianca Airlines flight, get to the airport two to three hours in advance.

Steps to check in at Airport

  •  Locate and find the Avianca check-in counter at the airport.
  • Approach this counter and make an Avianca check-in request.
  • When requested, present your plane ticket and identity documentation to the airline employees..
  • The employees will finish your check and, if applicable, retrieve your luggage.

Once your check-in is complete, a printed boarding pass will be provided.


These are the important and mandatory steps for the check-in at Avianca Airlines. You must keep these points in your mind for check-in to the flight and make sure that you do not breach the timing and other points for check-in at Avianca Airlines.

Also make sure that you are entering all the details and information correctly for the check-in. You also can not modify your booking after the check-in process.

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