Top 6 Tips to Look Stunning in a Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez is one of the simplest outfits that you can wear for any occasion. But carrying it well depends completely on you. It is not that easy to carry a salwar. Firstly, you need to purchase the best salwar kameez online that matches your style and gives you enough comfort that you need. Also, only when you pair it with a matching dupatta, you look totally like a diva. You should also purchase the right earrings, embellishments, and other accessories to make yourself stunningly ready.

Tips to Look Stunning in a Salwar Kameez

  1. Select the right fabric: If you are slightly heavy or if you have a bulky figure, then don’t go for fabrics such as brocade, cotton, linen, etc. because they will make you look even more hefty. So, go for light fabrics such as crepe, chiffon, and georgette. They will be giving you the utmost comfort for easy movement.
  2. Choose the right length: The kurta length will decide your entire look. If you are choosing typical salwars like the Patiala or the normal sawlars, make sure the kurta length is only till the knee. Because longer kurtas will hide the salwar kameez beauty and will also give you a bizarre look.
  3. Wear the right accessories: Most women do not accessorize themselves well, which gives them an ugly look even if they wear a great salwar kameez. Some women wear bangles, jhumkas, and huge necklaces with a salwar suit. Though jewellery gives you a complete look, you will miss the balance. It is to be remembered that with heavy suits like a salwar kameez with so much embroidery, you should keep the accessories to the minimum. Because they may spoil the beauty of neck work on the salwar suit.
  4. Sleeve length: The latest trend is the long sleeve salwar kameez. But don’t just follow everything blindly. Just wear it and check if it is looking good on you before buying. If you are ordering online once you get the order wear and check it well from all angles. If it is good, you can wear it. For example, sleeveless kurta is not a great choice for women with large or very slim arms. So, it all depends on how you look when you wear.
  5. Get the lining right: If you are purchasing a kurta that you want to stitch with a lining, make sure you get this correctly. A Kurta with a peeking outlining will entirely damage your beauty. It is better to get it stitched with the kameez for a good look.
  6. Buy the right footwear: Continuous flow is very much important when wearing a salwar kameez. Only then, you will get a perfect look. Make sure you have the right dupatta, accessories and everything till the footwear. Just ensure that you have the footwear as per the salwar kameez length. For suppose if you wear heels with salwar kameez that comes till the ankle length, it looks really bad for most of the women.

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