Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid and What You Need to Do About Them

Take your time to design the bathroom. You want the layout to be perfect. You also want it to contain everything necessary for a comfortable bathroom. The problem is that you might make design mistakes and fail to achieve your desired results. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when planning a bathroom design. 

Having too many things 

There’s nothing wrong if you want to spruce up the ordinary appearance of your bathroom. You wish to buy more accessories to achieve that goal. The problem is if you have limited space, but you planned to have a lot. The area will get crowded. Moving around won’t be easy. If you wish to avoid this problem, you should select which accessories you need. Freestanding baths and shower enclosures are some of the best choices. You can find them at if you want quality models. Determine your priority and buy them first. The rest you can do later. 

Not considering how people move around

Think about the people using the bathroom and how they move around the area. It should be easy to move from the sink to the toilet. The towel rack should be close to the shower area. Storage spaces should also be near the sink. Otherwise, it will be challenging to move from one spot to another. Given how slippery the bathroom floor is, you should avoid it. 

Another reason for being extra cautious in limiting movements is that you might have elderly loved ones at home. They might already have mobility issues. Make it easy for them to walk around. Install handles for them to hold on to if the floor is wet, so they won’t slip and get injured. 

Failure to consider space

There’s nothing wrong with your desire to own a bathtub or to build a shower enclosure. The problem is if you don’t have enough space and they won’t fit. You will have a hard time using them. Instead of feeling relaxed, it becomes an awful experience. Check how much space is available before you decide to buy new furniture and accessories. If you want something that can fit, you can either look for a smaller version or change your plans. Maybe expanding your bathroom space could be the next step.

Following what others have 

You can get inspired by existing designs. If they look good and you wish to have them, you can try to follow them. The problem is if your house doesn’t look good with such a design. You can’t force a theme or layout that doesn’t improve your bathroom. You may tweak some plans if you insist on having them. Besides, the idea of looking up existing designs is to get inspired. It’s not about replicating what others already have. 

Hopefully, you can improve your bathroom soon, and it will look exactly as you planned. You may speak with your contractor first to plan the design together and determine the potential cost.