Top 5 Reasons That Justifies The Craze Of Yamaha Digital Pianos

Playing the piano just like any other musical instrument is a wondrous task. Something that soothes both mind and heart alike. While earlier generations have experienced the natural and raw appeal of acoustic pianos, today, digital pianos have successfully succeeded them. With the growing demand and appeal of these instruments, Yamaha has been efficiently meeting them. Today, Yamaha has established a strong foothold in the musical instruments manufacturing domain and is well-accepted. Stating that, we will be discussing the top five reasons to demonstrate the popularity and craze of digital pianos by Yamaha.

Impressive Features 

Yamaha has newly launched Yamaha CVP 800 under its Yamaha Clavinova series that is known for its impeccable features, quality, stylish design, and remarkable functionality. Some of its commendable features include USB, Bluetooth, 2GB RAM, jack for a microphone, GP response damper pedal, chord looper, and much more for serving a truly charismatic musical experience.

Affordable Than Acoustic 

Digital pianos are comparatively cheaper than acoustic. While the latter is considered equal to luxury, the former esp. in the Yamaha range is available at the best quality and more affordable prices. The best part is, they offer digital pianos for everyone starting from a beginner to a professional. So that you can stay content with what you get is what you truly need.

Quality Sound 

One of the top manufacturers of digital pianos, Yamaha has been promising the best quality and brilliant user experience. Its latest series Yamaha CVP 800 promises the best quality sound experience to the customer that takes the functioning of digital pianos to next level. With the addition of spruce cone speakers, one can expect the most realistic and clear sound. Further, the digital piano experience comes much similar to the acoustic ones. Just that they offer added features becomes a win-win situation for the buyer.

Headphone Jack 

Digital pianos have a special jack for inserting headphones. This feature is a digital piano that will allow you to practice or play your instrument anytime you want without any time and space boundaries. Unlike in acoustic pianos, in which you have to keep in mind aspects like noise and disturbance caused to others. Since only you will have access to the noise and music via headphones, your family can remain free from any extra noise.

Background Sounds

Background sounds that offer precious notes are most interesting and make a fun experience for students esp. children to learn with them. Not only do the different rhythms in the background option make learning easier but also full of enjoyment. Yamaha offers exclusive sounds for a helpful experience.


There is no doubt that digital pianos by Yamaha are the new vogue. They are setting music trends and making the piano as a musical instrument accessible to all, unlike acoustic pianos that are expensive and require a particular setting to keep, maintain, and work.