Latest Crime Movie Odela Railway Station On aha 

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The cast of Odela railway station

 Odela railway station the excellent crime thriller was set to release on the date August 26, 2022. It was directed by the brilliant Ashok Teja. Several popular faces of the Tollywood industry were featured in the movie, namely Hebah Patel, Sai Ronak, Pujitha Ponnada, and Vashista N Simha. 

Odela railway station Story

Odela railway station is based on real incidents that occurred in a village named Odela. The movie also has several romantic bases, along with suspense and a thrilling plot.  

The plot revolves around the village where a series of murders terrorizes the village residences. A bright and determined young police officer is on a mission to find out the culprit of the murders that are happening in the village. As the plot unfolds, we notice that all the villagers are a suspect in the eyes of the officer, and the time is limited to find out the culprit. 

What to expect from Odela railway station?

Odela railway station Is a great suspense crime thriller. The plot of the entire movie is excellently crafted, and viewers are flabbergasted watching the entire movie. There is a constant element of surprise introduced throughout the movie, and viewers are constantly entertained. 

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