The services provided by Crimcheck platform

Crimcheck provides a comprehensive “Workplace Act”, criminal history background check for the employers and their employees.

Based on the information contained in Workplace Act reports, Crimcheck is able to provide meaningful information that can help employers ensure employee safety and enhance the brand’s image.

Crimcheck is the ONLY background screening platform that offers a brand-friendly approach by allowing you to make use of information provided by a federal, state, and local database of crimes and convictions.

As a result, it is able to help you put the right people in the right places, both on the job and off. You can try them for yourself by visiting, which is their official platform.

Features of Crimcheck

1) Unlimited candidates: Crimcheck is a comprehensive and cost-effective background screening solution, and no service is limited.

2) Automated: Crimcheck clients experience a seamless customer experience because they are never asked to take any tests, attend any sessions, or submit any paperwork.

3) Mobile friendly: Crimcheck makes the hiring process more efficient for clients by increasing productivity and speed to hire while also saving time and reducing frustration.

4) Security and privacy: Crimcheck utilizes an industry-leading security algorithm that combines individual-specific, controlled-size, randomized employment data, a nationally accredited vendor, and unique software to ensure privacy.

Who Crimcheck benefits

Individuals in all industries – healthcare, hospitality, office, transportation, education, residential are benefitting from the services of the top background screening provider in the industry.

Crimcheck is a huge asset for small to midsize businesses wanting to hire safer, healthier, and hardworking employees.

The high volume of franchise owners nationwide that recognize the benefits of our service and the quality of our staff have led to nearly 300,000 Crimcheck clients and hundreds of thousands of workers screened.

Crimcheck is a powerful tool that can improve security across an entire organization.

How does Crimcheck provide their services?

Crimcheck uses a sophisticated technology to process and analyze the most complex of US Government laws and regulations and processes in a way that promotes fairness and accuracy, helps eliminate discrimination, and helps ensure candidates are adequately vetted. Because they use cutting-edge technology, accuracy and speed are maintained.

Crimcheck is committed to providing the highest level of privacy and confidentiality to our clients. They provide free and convenient 24/7 global live-chat customer support.

In addition, their customer service team members use on-site training to ensure that their clients are trained on all our platforms.

By focusing on a specific franchise market, leveraging a proven business model, and focusing on a need in your market, a new type of franchise business can be yours.

Crimcheck is the best place to begin building a franchise business based on providing employment background checks and drug tests to the hospitality and service industries.