The Differences between Basic and Applied Psychology Courses

After completing school education, students pursue unique courses. The popularity of conventional courses is dipping. Students want to pursue a course that offers unique learning experiences. For example, psychology has become such a unique course. For studying psychology, you need to find the best colleges for BA psychology in Jaipur. Today, students can find two types of psychology courses. They are basic psychology courses and applied psychology courses. In the following section, you will find more information about these courses. The article intends to provide information on the differences between those courses.

Basic Psychology Course

Basic psychology course offers knowledge on general human psychology. After completing school education, students pursue graduate courses. If you have chosen psychology as your subject for graduation, you should pursue a BA in psychology. In many colleges, BSc in psychology is also offered. BA in psychology focuses on providing knowledge in the evolution of psychology. Additionally, you will know the applications of human psychology in different fields. In BSc psychology, students learn about clinical research in psychology. Studying BSc in psychology helps students to become an expert in medical psychology.

Applied Psychology Courses

Besides BA and BSc in psychology, you will find applied psychology courses. Now, what is applied psychology? In applied psychology, students have to study various specialization areas of this subject. You can choose one or multiple specializations as per your interest. Some of the applied psychology specialization options are discussed in the following section.

1. Cognitive Psychology

Studying cognitive psychology involves investigating problem-solving skills, learning skills, and memory of a person. For different persons, these skills are different. Cognitive psychology is a vast field, where many studies have been conducted recently. Understanding cognitive psychology can help a person to become an expert in developing artificial intelligence algorithms.

2. Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology involves the emotional and biological reactions of people. In a different scenario, a human being reacts differently. A person’s reaction to a situation depends on the psychological state. Studying clinical psychology will help a person to become an expert in providing psychological therapies. Nevertheless, students of clinical psychology can also become experts in dealing with socio-economic problems.

3. Forensic Psychology

Forensic psychology is a popular specialization of applied psychology courses. After studying forensic psychology, one can become an expert in resolving criminal cases through studying human psychology. Criminal case investigators undergo such courses. Many critical criminal cases can be resolved through studying the psychology of potential criminals.

4. Developmental Psychology

In an applied psychology course, one can choose a specialization in developmental psychology. Human psychology gets evolved with the evolution of the brain and physical health. Developmental psychology helps to understand the evolution of psychology in a person. Studying evolution helps the experts to provide better psychological counseling to kids and adults.

You should find a good BA Hons applied psychology college in Jaipur for pursuing applied psychology. In recent years, many studies are going on regarding human psychology. As a result, the demand for experts in both general and applied psychology is rising. So, studying psychology in such a scenario is a good career option.