How to know some career options that open up after a BA Honors French course

While many of us are quick to pick up one of the many BA Hons French colleges in Mumbai there is a thought that lingers if the course offers good employment opportunities and salary. There are many benefits that one may quote of studying a new language at any of these BA Hons French courses in Mumbai. Our globalized world sees a whole lot of outsourcing and exports where suitable people with French knowledge are most required. They are also needed in the tourism sector and a knowledge of languages increases one’s power to become a global citizen. Here are a few career options that may entice you further to learn French.

Jobs in KPOs, BPOs, MNCs, call centers, and IT

French nationals are spread across the globe and France has the fifth-largest economy globally. Thousands of French brands from a variety of services and domains outsource their work to a variety of industries. A degree from the BA Hons French colleges in Mumbai opens the doors easily to such French companies, especially in India which is a non-French speaking country. The degree also helps one to be picked up first for overseas and on-site jobs and careers for such individuals become quite wholesome. Gaining the BA Hons French courses in Mumbai also drives extra points to your option to migrate permanently to Canada.

Jobs in foreign embassies

French is spoken in over twenty-five different countries in the world and every embassy requires local staff in the host country. French is one of the most widely spoken native languages in the world. This opens up a myriad of work options for anyone from the BA Hons French colleges in Mumbai. Graduates from BA Hons French courses in Mumbai are hired as translators, interpreters, receptionists, customer support, administrative jobs, research analysts, managers, logistics, visa issuing officers, and many more. These jobs provide one with the perfect way to gain experience and learn about life in a multicultural environment.

Jobs as interpreters and translators

The global village that our world is turning into throws up so many work opportunities that many graduates prefer to be their own bosses instead of joining a company. Working as a translator or interpreter after gaining your degree from the BA Hons French colleges in Mumbai allows one to turn into an entrepreneur or work at a suitable company. Graduates from the BA Hons French courses in Mumbai at such roles earn handsomely while working from home as proofreaders, editors, translators, content writers, and more. They are hired by educational institutes, businesses, and embassies that pay handsomely for quality work.

Jobs in the leisure, tourism, travel, and hospitality industry

Proficiency in French is the easiest route to join the booming tourism sector. Graduates from the BA Hons French colleges in Mumbai assist foreign travelers to communicate with natives and also work in French-speaking countries. Millions of tourists from French-speaking countries used to visit India each year before the pandemic that gave employment to almost every graduate from any of the BA Hons French courses in Mumbai. While the pandemic will not last forever, jobs in this sector are a sure shot way to success in style.