Restart Your Life: Tiny Mindset Changes to Improve Your Future

It’s easy to think that you’re stuck in the life you currently have. Back when you were a child, people always told you things will get better. Now that you’re an adult, it can’t be helped that sometimes you think this is already as good as things are going to get.

The reality, however, is that there is always something you can try to improve. It can be one small mindset change, but along with other mindset changes, they can make your life better in the long run. Here are some of them: 

Challenge yourself with small, daily tasks

If you’ve ever felt stuck, this might be because you’ve fallen into a pattern of how your day should go. Maybe you have a full-time job with a set schedule and everything else in your day revolves around that work schedule. Maybe you have a family you need to care for on top of that job. All of these might make it seem like you have no choice but to live each day similar to the previous one. But even through those moments, you can still find a way to make minute changes that improve your life.

Give yourself a challenge that you can break down into daily habits. Make it a goal to finish one book each month, and add reading two pages each day to your routine. Make it a habit to walk 1000 steps each day, and do this by walking around the block before or after your shift. These instill the habits of resilience and perseverance in you. They also develop the mindset that every big task can actually be accomplished one step at a time.

Think of yourself first

As an adult, there are a lot of social constructs imposed upon you. You’re supposed to live a certain way because it’s deemed normal or acceptable to the society you belong to. But one thing you should never forget despite all of these is that you know what’s best for you. You know when you don’t feel good, and you know why you don’t feel good. Or, at least, you should. Putting yourself first means being attuned to your feelings and emotions, so that you can make adjustments depending on them. Think of it this way: if you know you have sensitive skin, you will know that you need a sun screen for sensitive skin, even if society says any sunscreen will do.

Find pockets of happiness within a day

Some days are especially stressful, especially if you work throughout the week. The weekends may leave you feeling drained as you catch up on house chores. When you live a seemingly ordinary life, it doesn’t seem like the portrait of happiness, does it? That’s where you need to exert effort to find pockets of happiness and contentment. Did you make someone’s day? Did your coffee turn out tasting great? Did your child say they love the meal you made? It’s these little joys that help you carry on for the next day.

Be grateful, content, and always up for a challenge. When you make these mindset changes, every day will be a brand new day full of surprises.