Know about penalties of driving while disqualified or suspended !

Everyone is aware of the fact that for driving a motor vehicle, it is very important to qualify for the legal age. Even after knowing the traffic rules and regulations, individuals tend to commit offenses while driving on the road. Whenever any individual is caught committing an offense whiling driving, the role of traffic lawyers come into action.

The traffic lawyers Perth are experts in providing solutions regarding any trouble relating to the traffic law offense.

It is quite obvious that an individual might have to face a lot of trouble and pay huge penalties for committing traffic offenses as the courts consider this as a serious crime.

Overlooking the traffic rules is actually a serious crime as it can lead to serious injuries or even deaths of individuals on road due to offense committed by someone else or the person itself.

It is strongly advised to contact a driving offense lawyer if you are ever caught driving in Perth with a suspended or disqualified driving license. Getting in touch with a experienced and knowledgeable advocate must always be the initial step of any individual to have a better understanding about thecourt processes what can the potential defenses and the possible outcomes of every particular situation.

The driving offences are supposedly serious crimes and also lead to heavy penalties and in case of repeated offenders may lead to immediate suspension or a long term imprisonment. The imprisonment risk may be potentially low for the first time offender if he or she was not driving under the alchohol influence or under any other such aggravating circumstance.

Sometimes, in case where an individual can communicate to the court about their reason  for driving in a condition that is not permitted, the court can try tomitigate or reduce the period of disqualification or minimize the amount of fine imposed.

The potential penalties faced may be…

Usually, the penalties imposed for driving under disqualification depends on the seriousness of the offence itself. The disqualification may have been the result of driving under demerit point suspension, a fine suspension or a court imposed suspension. If an individual drives a motor vehicle even after being under court’s suspension, it is considered an a disregard of the court’s order by the court and the acse is treated more severely.

While haivng a suspended or disqualified driving license, if an individual is caught with traffic charges, it may lead to serious actions. Therefore, getting in touch with a driving offence lawyer is always advisable as he can provide appropriate advise on the following:

  • The traffic charge seriousness.
  • What are the potential defenses available.
  • The various conviction consequnces possibilities.
  • The least disquaification period as may be imposed by the court according to the charge and situationof traffic offence.

The penalties that can be imposed while you are driving on a disqualified driving license  will depend on the number of times you committed an offense while disqualification. The following penalties may be imposed for the offense with regards to the frequency of the offense:

  • If the offense is committed for the fist time then:
  • The license is automatically disqualified for 12 months
  • Can lead an imprisonment of up to 18 months
  • The penalty imposed may be as high as $3300
  • If the offense is repeated twice or more iin the last 5 years, then:
  • The license will be automatically disqualified for 2 years
  • Can lead to an imprisonment for a maximum of 2 yaers
  • The fine penalty imposed may be as much as $5500

The offender may also be sentenced to a full term of imprisonment in case he or she has a very poor driving record or criminal history.

To know more about a detailed informatin on the penalties imposed for driving while on suspension or disqualification you are advised to get a consultation from driving offence lawyers who can guide in the best way to understand the court processes regarding the penalties imposed for various other offences committed on roads while disobeying traffic rules.