How to make money on social media without investing?

Social media is one of the biggest platforms with over billions of users around the world. It is the only place where people are active all day and night.

Some people use social media for entertainment purposes, some use for knowledge purposes, and the extraordinary ones they use social media for business or money-making purposes like promotions, dropship goods online, selling courses, and much more.

Now the question is Which one are you? and who do you want to be?

Ways to make money on social media

Now here are some of the ways to make money out of social media without investing a penny but YES! it’s going to take time. You need patience

Selling products:

One of the famous ways to make extra income out of social media is to sell products with the help of drop-shipping the products.

Drop-shipping means selling the products directly to the customer from the supplier without caring about buying the stock in bulk or keeping an inventory

Social media is a very good place to start this business as there are already a lot of people scrolling through feeds every minute and if you use the proper Hashtag’s you will reach good customers without paying for advertisement.

So learning how to dropship products can be very beneficial if you want to generate extra income on a daily basis.


I don’t think there is any other way better way than promotions to earn money on Instagram.

Promotions mean when you have a good following base on Instagram, companies will ask you for promotions because of the good amount of audience you have. These companies can easily promote their products or services on your page and reach thousands of customers.

But for that, you need real followers not fake ones because you may be 100K- 200K fake followers but you have 15-30 likes on your posts. No one will take promotions from you.


Shout out is similar to promotions but a bit different. In promotions, you promote products or services of companies while in shout-out you promote or give a shout-out to other social media page

Giving a shout-out to other pages will help them to increase their follower’s list and for that, they pay you money.

But be-aware you may lose some followers if you do shout-outs quite often because your followers want to see a good post not a promotional post.

Selling your own services or products:

Promotions, shout-outs are all external ways to make money and you have to wait or send emails to companies so that you can promote them.

But if you have a good following base on social media you can start to sell your own products or services.

You just have to upload a post and show your followers the benefits and advantages of using your products.

But all this is going to take the time you have to post good stuff that your followers likeand slowly your following list will increase but if you want to increase your following lists quickly you need to ask other social media pages for a shout-out.