How to Get Pre-Approved Personal Loan Through Fullerton India Loan App?

What Are Pre-Approved Personal Loans?

Pre-approved personal loans are loans given to eligible customers based on several factors like their long-term relationship with the lender, amount available in savings / current bank account, fixed deposit, credit card usage, etc.

NBFCs additionally offer pre-approved top-up instant personal loans given to customers with punctual repayment history and good credit scores. These loans do not require collateral, and the interest rates are dependent on the borrower’s profile.

The digital platforms of loans become saviours of time for people. People using online loan apps are applying for personal loans without visiting the financial institutions.

How Is One Eligible for Pre-Approved Loans Through the Instant Loan App

  1. Good Repayment History You may have been punctual in your EMI payments and have a good credit score due to no delay or default on the monthly payments.
  2. Increase In Your Salary Your monthly income may have increased, or you may have paid enough of your existing loan to become eligible for additional credit through pre-approved loans.

The lender sees responsive financial behaviour as per the latest credit reports or scores.

What Do Fullerton Pre-Approved Loans Through the Instant Loan App Offer You

  1. Loan Amount Fullerton Insta loan app offers personal loans auto Rs 25 lakhs based on your profile.
  2. Interest Rates The pre-approved personal loan interest rates through the Fullerton India loan app are competitive. We offer attractive personal loan interest rates starting from 11.99% based on the terms and conditions of the profile holder.
  3. Flexible Tenure Fullerton India Loan App offers you a  flexible repayment tenure from 12 to 60 months, according to which you can choose the right repayment plan according to your budget and convenience.
  4. Easy Documentation Since you are eligible for a pre-approved loan because you are an existing customer, the documentation is even more accessible and hassle-free. Additionally, the loans are quickly processed due to the same reason. Hence the amount is credited quicker due to instant decision of the documents through digital processing.
  5. Top-up Loan Offers Existing customers are offered exciting benefits and exclusive offers in the form of top-up plans for pre-approved loans.
  6. Lesser Processing Time Since the loan processing is done digitally, one can access credit faster than the traditional approach. Hence pre-approved loans are credited significantly faster.

Documents Required for A Pre-Approved Loan

Fullerton India requires the following for an instant personal loan.

  1. Complete personal loan application plus a recent photograph
  2. Identity proof, such as passport copy, voter id, driving license, aadhar card, etc.
  3. Address proof, such as ration card, rental agreement, telephone bill, etc.
  4. Age proof, such as PAN card, birth certificate, etc.
  5. Income tax returns
  6. Bank statement or passbook containing a record of the last six months of salary or three months of salary slips.
  7. Form 16
  8. A cheque to be provided for processing fee

Please note that you may additionally need some added documents on a case-to-case basis. Our customer service representative would provide you with all the necessary details in case of queries.

Eligibility Calculators Available in Fullerton India Loan App

The Fullerton instant loan app gives you several valuable tools like eligibility calculators to understand the loan eligibility amount that you can avail of. The actual loan eligibility also depends on several other factors like employment history, salary, credit history etc.

How To Get A Pre-Approved Personal Loan Through The Fullerton Loan App

  1. Download the Fullerton Instaloan App and fill in the details
  2. Request a top-up loan
  3. Click on “Apply Now”
  4. Provide employment details
  5. Provide phone number
  6. Enter the OTP
  7. Provide personal and income details
  8. Select loan amount and tenure
  9. Upload documents
  10. Click “Submit”

The lender will verify the uploaded documents promptly, and the amount will reach your bank account within 24 to 36 hours.

Online quick loan apps like Fullerton Insta Loan app are a great way to get instant approval on your loan. When you use an instant loan app, the process is speedy and smooth. You can also access your loan details whenever.

Thus, using a loan app or website, you can get the funds you need instantly!. Fullerton India is a registered non-banking finance company with 645 branches across India that RBI authorizes.

We offer transparency and integrity to our customers for over a decade. Install our Instant personal loan app for a secure, hassle-free experience.